Yemen: Solidarity with the Al-Mayadeen Channel!

by Supporters of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency in Yemen, 15.11.2015,


In an attempt to blur the facts and falsify reality, the reactionary al-Saud Gang has suddenly and unjustifiably cut the broadcasting of the al-Mayadeen channel via Arabsat. It has also blocked the official website of the channel in Saudi Arabia.

This is not the first time that the ruling class of Saudi-Arabia has committed something like this, and from what we know of the Arab regimes, it will not be the last. These reactionary countries have tried to silence all those channels which expose what is really happening in Yemen and Palestine as well as in Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Ironically, the ruling class of Saudi Arabia justifies its military interventions in Syria and Yemen by claiming that it is fighting for “democracy” and “freedom.” But if we examine Saudi-Arabia, we can see very clearly exactly how “democratic” are these corrupt kings and princes ruling their people.

As progressive Yemenis we appreciate the al-Mayadeen channel for its positive coverage of our just cause. This channel has stood on the side the oppressed of Yemen from the beginning of the Saudi aggression against our country and even before. We declare our solidarity with the al-Mayadeen channel and its staff! The personnel of al-Mayadeen should only feel honor by the attempt of a despicable gang such as Al-Saud to silence their voice, this being solid proof of their progress on the path of revealing the truth and standing by the oppressed.

Ghassan bin Jiddo, the director of the Al-Mayadeen channel, correctly remarked: "Is it a coincidence that the decision comes with the outbreak of the intifada and Al-Mayadeen's opening of its air for it? (…) The Channel was put under pressure by parties who asked not to cover the war in Yemen."

As revolutionary socialists and supporters of the RCIT, we see our solidarity with the al-Mayadeen channel as part of our struggle for the Yemeni Revolution. Our country is under attack by the al-Saud gang which continues to mercilessly massacre thousands of people. As the RCIT has elaborated in various statements and documents, we fully support the struggle of the Yemeni people against the aggression of King Salman and his lackey al-Hadi. We denounce the support of the Western imperialist powers, the US and EU, as well as that of Israel for the Saudi aggression.

We call upon authentic socialist to support the resistance which is currently led by the Houthi movement, despite our criticism of the latter for being petty-bourgeois Islamist force. We consider their alliance with the former dictator Saleh as a terrible mistake which discredits the goals of the second Yemeni Revolution and which constitutes a serious obstacle to its victory. The Yemeni Revolution can only win if the workers and fallahin organize themselves independently in councils of action and popular militias.