Antizionist Solidarity with Johannes Wiener from Israel

Statement in Solidarity with Johannes Wiener from Israel

Statement from Shmuel Yerushalmi (Israel)


Hello and revolutionary greetings!

Write you Israeli poet and revolutionary Shmuel Yerushalmi.

Firstly I want to express my solidarity with Johannes Weiner and with his consistent position against Israeli Apartheid policy in relation to Palestinian people and against the last war in Gaza strip.

And second, I want to be assured in soon victory of the World Revolution of the Worker Class. The Israeli ruling class in cooperation with World Imperialism trying all time to divide between workers around the world. The class of capitalists organizing more and more new imperialist wars and conflicts between people. And according to my opinion just revolutionary uprising of the worker class and total demolition of the capitalism can to resolve the problems of the world, the problems of humanity.


With best revolutionery wishes!

Shmuel Yerushalmi (Israel)


* * *


Statement from Yossi Schwartz, Internationalist Socialist League (Israel/Occupied Palestine)


Dear comrades of the RKOB, Austrian section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency,

We have learned today that the Austrian state is charging your comrade and spokesperson Johannes Wiener with sedition because of a pro-Palestine speech during the Gaza War.

I have read your statement very carefully, and as an Israeli revolutionary activist for many years and in the name of our group the International Socialist League, I salute you for your courage and for your position in defense of the oppressed Palestinians by the Israeli apartheid state during the latest assault on Gaza. We join your demand: Drop immediately the charges against the pro-Palestine activist Johannes Wiener.

As he indicated in his speech, the Palestinians are in a very similar position to the situation of the blacks in South Africa during the time of the racist Apartheid. Israel is an apartheid state where the Jewish minority rules over the Palestinians, who are a majority even today, even before the return of the Palestinian refugees that were removed from Palestine by force and out of fear of massacres. The simple truth is that all Israel is stolen land.


Yossi Schwartz,

Internationalist Socialist League (Israel/Occupied Palestine)

Our recent statement on the Gaza war is at