Syria: Assad's Army and ISIS Act Hand in Hand against the Liberation Forces

Assad's Republican Guard marches undisturbed through the Daesh/ISIS pocket in North Hama so that it can attack the free Syrian areas in the North


By Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 25.10.2017,




In the days we have published two articles demonstrating how the terrorist Assad regime and its Russian masters collaborate with the counter-revolutionary Daesh/ISIS in north Hama against the Syrian liberation forces who still control the North of the country. We also reported that the Syrian liberation forces – led by the petty-bourgeois nationalist-Islamist Hayyat Tharir al-Sham (HTS) – were able to successfully push back the Daesh troops from most of the area they had occupied in the past weeks. (1)


On 24 October another aggression against the Syrian revolutionaries started which demonstrates, once more, the arch-reactionary character not only of Daesh but also of the Assad dictatorship as well as of Russian imperialism. Assad's elite troops, the Republican Guard, began an attack in north Hama and west Aleppo. Simultaneously, the Russian Air Force continued to attack Syrian liberation forces in the same area. (2) At the moment we don't know if this is the beginning of a larger offensive by the regime.


However, what we already know is that the military advance of the Assad troops into the free Syrian area took place … through the territory which has been occupied by Daesh/ISIS! (3) As the map below shows the Assad forces marched directly through the Daesh-controlled pocket in order to attack the Syrian revolutionaries. Not a single clash between the troops of Assad and Daesh has been reported during this marching-through!


Before, Assad's army helped Daesh to march through its territory in order to attack the Syrian revolutionaries. Now, Daesh is returning the favor! What a disgusting demonstration of this unholy alliance of the enemies of the Syrian Revolution!


According to first reports, the Syrian liberation forces have already launched a counter-offensive to repel the regime’s attack. (4)


It can be taken for granted that all the Stalinist and semi-Stalinist muddleheads will continue to praise Assad and Putin as “defenders of secularity, progress and anti-imperialism”. As we have emphasized many times, this has always been a cynical myth. In fact, the Syrian Revolution which began in March 2011 has been a legitimate democratic and popular uprising against a reactionary capitalist dictatorship which could not have survived without the massive military and economic support by the Iranian dictatorship and Russian imperialism.


The most recent collaboration between the regime’s Republican Guard and Daesh/ISIS against the Syrian revolutionaries demonstrates once more the true and arch-reactionary character of these forces and the pathetic nature of the Stalinist propaganda for Assad and Putin.






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Appendix: The Advance of Assad’s Army through the Daesh/ISIS Pocket, 24 October 2017



Legend of the Map:


Red: Areas under control of Assad’s Army


Blue: Areas which were initially conquered by Daesh/ISIS on 9 October 2017 but from they have been repelled by the Syrian liberation forces since then.


Black: Areas still under control of Daesh/ISIS


Green: Areas under control of the Syrian liberation forces