Yemen: The al-Hadi Puppet Government Calls for an Imperialist Invasion!

Victory to Yemen! Defeat the Al-Saud Gang of Aggressors!

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 8.5.2015,


1.            On 7 May Khaled Alyemany, the Ambassador to the UN of the al-Hadi puppet government, called on “the international community to quickly intervene by land forces to save Yemen, especially Aden and Taiz”. This call for foreign troops under the control of the great powers is nothing but a call for an imperialist occupation of Yemen. It demonstrates once more that the al-Hadi government does not represent any popular forces in Yemen but is a puppet fake-regime living in wealthy exile in Saudi Arabia.

2.            Grotesquely, Alyemany also called on the international human rights organizations to document “barbaric violations against a defenseless population”. “Accidently” only hours later US-based Human Rights Watch dutifully accused Yemen’s de facto ruling force – the so called Houthi rebels – of “war crimes” because of their alleged responsibility for the death of two (!) people by gunfire in separate incidents on April 17 and 18 and the detention of 10 local aid workers for 14 days! What cynicism! The al-Saud Gang of Aggressors – with the support of their al-Hadi puppets – has been bombarding the Yemeni people non-stop. According to the United Nations, at least 1,000 people have been killed since the beginning of the Saudi-led bombing campaign on 25 March. Amongst the dead are 551 civilians of which 115 are children according to the UN’s children's agency UNICEF. At least 300,000 people have been displaced. It is the Saudi aggressors and their local puppets, not the Houthi rebels, who have the blood of the Yemeni people on their hands! The bizarre HRW’s accusations show once more that a number of NGO’s are nothing but hidden lackeys of imperialist powers.

3.            The real reason for the Saudi’s appeal for an imperialist invasion is their fear of defeat in the Yemeni war. There have been important changes in the military relation of forces on the ground in the recent days. The Houthi rebels, who have the support of the majority of Yemen’s population, made significant military advances in the port city of Aden (taking control of the al-Tawahi district) as well as Ta’izz. In addition they killed one of the highest ranking members of the al-Hadi forces, Brigadier General Ali Nasser Hadi. The Yemeni resistance forces have also fired rockets and mortars into Saudi Arabia in response to the non-stop aggression of the kingdom. In addition they attacked the Saudi town of Najran (which is mostly inhabited by Yemeni tribes) and successfully captured five Saudi soldiers. This caused panic amongst Saudi’s ruling elite since Najran lies about 20 kilometers away from the border. The regime immediately suspended all flights at a local airport, and shut down all schools.

4.            The recent panic of the al-Saud Gang has also been increased by their failure to persuade their allies to send any ground forces. Until now they have tried to defeat the Yemeni resistance by constant bombardment through their air force as well as shelling from warships. In addition they have imposed a naval blockade against the country supported by warships from Egypt and the U.S. This however has not been sufficient to stop the Houthi rebels’ advance. As a result the Saudi kingdom tries to commit its allies to send ground troops. While King Salman has already ordered as many as 150,000 troops along its border with Yemen, these units have only a limited value for war since many of them – particularly those coming from the oppressed Shia minority – have sympathies for the Shia-based Houthis and cannot be trusted as loyal servants serving the kingdom. In addition, against an initial commitment by the Pakistani government, the parliament in Islamabad decided in a unanimous decision not to send any ground forces to Yemen. In the end, the only regime which the deep-pocketed Saudi tyrant managed to bribe until now is Senegal which promised to send 2,100 troops for an invasion.

5.            Recent developments underline once more the character of the war in Yemeni. The country is undergoing a revolutionary process which started in August 2014 when the popular masses started to rise up against the reactionary al-Hadi government after it increased fuel prices by 60% to 90%. While this uprising took place under the leadership of the petty-bourgeois Islamist Houthi rebels, it had a profound democratic character. When the al-Saud gang realized that its puppet al-Hadi was about to lose the civil war, it decided to start the air and naval bombardment campaign against the Houthi rebels. This assault has provoked popular outrage and as a result the majority of the population rallies behind the Houthis. However the struggle’s progressive character is endangered by the Houthi leadership’s sectarian tendencies as well as its alliance with the forces of the arch-reactionary, ex-dictator Saleh. In order to achieve victory for the Yemeni Revolution, the working class, allied with the fallahin, must organize independently in councils of action and popular militias.

6.            The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) reemphasizes its defense of Yemen against the monstrous assault of the al-Saud Gang. We support the military struggle led by the Houthis but reject their political program. We call for the defeat of this band of tyrants of the monarchies of the Gulf States, of the Jordan and Moroccan monarchies, of Egypt’s butcher General al-Sisi and the rulers of Pakistan and Sudan. Together with our comrades in the RCIT in Yemen we stress that is the duty of democrats, anti-imperialists, and socialists in Yemen and the Arab world as well as internationally to support the Yemeni people’s struggle for national independence.

7.            We repeat that the significance of this war goes far beyond the borders of Yemen. The al-Saud gang of aggressors represents the counter-revolution, the desire of the old ruling classes to crush the Arab Revolution, and to return to the old, pre-2011 order. A victory of the Yemeni Revolution could reverse the advance of the counter-revolution as we have seen in recent years in the defeats in Egypt and other countries. If Yemen is not under the control of imperialism, this would have significant consequences for the capitalist world economy since the country is strategically located for world trade. Whoever controls Yemen controls the Bāb al-Mandab Straits and subsequently the Gulf of Aden and the Suqura Islands. Furthermore, whoever controls the Bāb al-Mandab Straits also controls the southern approach to the Suez Channel.

8.            A victory of the Yemeni Revolution could inspire a revolt of the oppressed Shia minority in Saudi Arabia and would shatter the kingdom which is one of the foundations of the Arab counter-revolution and the imperialist order in the region. It could also revive the revolution in Bahrain – home to U.S. Naval Forces Central Command and United States Fifth Fleet – after it was brutally crushed by Saudi troops in March 2011. Without the loans of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies of around US$20 billion, the Egypt military dictatorship of General al-Sisi would not survive. If the power of the al-Saud gang is shattered the whole world economy will tremble given the country’s key role in global oil and gas production and export.

9.            The Yemeni Revolution can only win as a successful uprising of the workers and fallahin which could result in the formation of a Worker’s and Fallahin government. Such a government would rely not on the old and corrupt army but on the power of popular councils and armed militias. Such a government would break Yemen’s dependence on the imperialist monopolies, and would nationalize the key sectors of the economy under workers’ control.

10.          In order to ensure the victory of the Yemeni Revolution, the workers need a revolutionary party based on an action program which combines the tasks of the democratic and socialist revolution. Such a party has to be independent of capitalists, imperialist institutions, and bourgeois parties. It should be based on the working class and rally the oppressed peasantry and poor. It should fight against any sectarian divisions along religious lines.

11.          The RCIT calls on revolutionaries in Yemen as well as the Arab world to join us in the struggle for an internationalist, anti-imperialist, and socialist program, and to build a common international organization in the proud tradition of Lenin’s Bolshevik party and Trotsky’s Fourth International.

12.          The RCIT calls upon authentic socialists, on all workers, and the poor and oppressed to:

* Defend Yemen against the al-Saud Gang of Aggressors! Support the resistance led by the Houthi rebels while not giving any political support to their leadership! No return of the reactionary lackey “President” al-Hadi!

* Support the popular campaign to boycott goods made by countries which participate in the Saudi-led war of aggression!

* For a mass movement which unites Sunni and Shia workers and fellahin, one which is based on solidarity and respect for all groups!

* For a revolutionary Constituent Assembly whose delegates would be accountable and open to recall by the popular masses!

* For the founding of popular action councils and armed militias to defend Yemen against Saudi aggression and to advance the Second Revolution!

* For a Workers’ and Fallahin government defended by popular militias which will expropriate the foreign corporations and the rich domestic capitalists! For the nationalization of the key industries and banks under workers’ control!

* Defend Gaza! Defeat Israel! For an international boycott campaign against Israel! For a Free, Red Palestine!

* Down with the reactionary military dictatorship of al-Sisi in Egypt!

* Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution!

* For a Second Revolution in Tunisia!

* Down with the reactionary monarchy of Saudi Arabia!

* Defeat General Haftar’s alliance of imperialist lackeys in Libya!

* No to reactionary sectarianism! Down with the Salafi-Takfiri Daash!

* Renew and extend the Arab Revolution which started in 2011!

* For a united, socialist Yemen as part of a socialist federation of the Middle East!

* Onward to the building of a revolutionary workers’ party as part of a Fifth International!


International Secretariat of the RCIT