Austria: Demonstration in Solidarity with the Revolution in Syria on 15.3.2013


Report from the RKOB (Austrian section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency), 15.3.2013


300 people demonstrated on 15.3. in Vienna (Austria) in solidarity with the Syrian Revolution. The demonstration was organized by the Austrian Co-ordination Council for the Support of the Syrian Revolution, the Muslim Youth of Austria, the Revolutionary Communist Organization for Liberation (RKOB) and other organizations. We marched to the place of the Austrian Prime Minister where the final rally was hold. Speeches were delivered by a representative of the Syrian Community, the Arab minority in Iran and the RKOB.

The RKOB participated with a militant and well-organized contingent with dozens of activists. We expressed our internationalist solidarity with the Syrian Revolution. We distributed leaflets in German and Turkish language, which contained the main demands of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) – the RKOB is the RCIT’s Austrian section. These slogans are:

* Victory to the Revolution in Syria!

* Down with the dog Assad! All Power to the Workers and Peasants! For the Socialist Revolution in Maghreb and Mashreq!

* Down with the dictatorship of the dog Assad and the rich elite!

* For the formation of action councils and armed militias of the workers and peasants which should coordinate nation-wide!

* For a workers government allied with the peasants and urban poor and based on local councils and militias!

* No trust in the bourgeois leaders of the official opposition! They are connected with the governments of the USA, EU, Saudi-Arabia, Turkey and Qatar and have many former members of the Assad regime in their ranks! Workers and Peasants: Trust only in your own strength, your own organizations and your own militias!

* No to any imperialist intervention in Syria! NATO troops - Out of Afghanistan and Mali! Solidarity with the anti-imperialist resistance!

* For joint struggle of the Workers, Peasants and Poor in Maghreb and Mashreq! Spread the Revolution! For a Socialist Federation of Workers- and Peasants-Republics in Maghreb and Mashreq!

* International Solidarity with the Struggle of the Syrian masses! For an international solidarity campaign by the workers movement!

* Build a revolutionary combat party of the workers! For the Fifth Workers International based on a revolutionary program!

At the final rally Michael Pröbsting, who is the International Secretary of the RCIT, spoke as the representative of the RKOB. He called the international workers movement to support the liberation struggle in Syria and to send them medicine, clothes and weapons. He condemned imperialist Russia and China for their support for the Assad regime. Comrade Pröbsting also condemned US and EU imperialism for their support for Israel. He sent greetings to the Brigade Leon Sedov and other armed militias of the Syrian liberation struggle. He also expressed his solidarity with the Palestinian freedom fighter Samer al-Issawi who is on hunger strike. Michael Pröbsting demanded the immediate release of al-Issawi as well as all 10.000 Palestinian prisoners in Israel.

Finally he called for the combination of the Syrian Revolution and the liberation struggle in Palestine: “Today Damascus – tomorrow Jerusalem!” He stated the position of the RCIT that Freedom in Syria, Palestine and all other countries can only be achieved if the workers and peasants conquer power.


Pictures of the demonstration as well as a video of the speech of Michael Pröbsting can be viewed at the RKOB website at A video of the German language speech with English language subtitles will be published soon.