Zambia for Sale: PF Govt Privatizes State Traffic Agency (RTSA) to KAPSCH-LAMISE…for the next 17 Years!

by Mainda Simataa (General Secretary of ELA Zambia), Lusaka, Zambia | 05.10.2017,





Privatization and Capitalism: still on the March in Africa


The latest scandal in the privatization or rather sale, robbery and dispossession of the Zambian people of their public property continues; the latest being that the State owned and controlled Road Safety and Traffic Agency (RTSA), is officially sold, with the full consent of the Patriotic Front (PF) government, and facilitated by the local Lebanese Mafia Chairman – Sheik Walid El Nahas, operating as LAMISE Zambia Ltd – a known manufacturer of plastic cups and dishes, and a big looter of Zambian land and builder of shopping malls, among other investments!


RTSA Secretly and Shamelessly Sold


The foreign company that has been awarded the 17 year long Zambia ‘traffic management’ contract to loot billions of Euros off Zambian roads, motorists, tool-gates and citizens at large, is the Austrian based company whose name no Zambian can pronounce – KAPSCH! The state is calling this dirty deal a ‘concession’, but in truth, and from historical experience, all concessions are nothing but legitimized robberies equal to outright privatization, as was the case with the sale of our mines!


State and Economic Capture by Corrupt Capitalist State Agents!


And so, the capture of the Zambian State machinery and Economy by capitalism, through its primary agents – the local politicians and the comprado bourgeoisie class continues unabated, but at what cost to the Zambians? The losses are incalculable, and the social effects will worsen for the majority; but of course, the political sellouts are insufferable,  and today, they are far more richer than yesterday for their grand corruption and deception of the masses!


Zambia- The Home of Neo-colonialism


The era of 21st century colonialism – neo-colonialism, thus continues to make a strong come-back into African countries, ravaging African economies and impoverishing people by the millions; and all so that a few people in power and their international cronies and local business associates can live rich and happily ever after; and all at the expense of the suffering majority!


More and more foreign multi-national capitalist companies thus continue to stream and pour into Africa to get their cut of the African resource cake; leaving only crumbs and poverty for the indigenous people to share. All the viable business sectors – education and health, banking and infrastructure development, agriculture and energy development, have all been ‘concessioned’. All the industries and public institutions of interest have all been liberalized and robbed; and wealth and power continues to be transferred and concentrated into the hands of the few!


Nowhere in Africa, and in the world for that matter, is this neo-colonial capture of all formerly state-owned and controlled industries and economic viable sectors, more visible, rampant and formidable, than in Zambia where all the critical sectors of production and economic life have gone to private ownership (mostly foreign).


The MINES are long gone, all the BANKS are gone – (Zambia National Commercial Bank), STATE FARMS are gone, Indigenous TRADE and MANUFACTURING companies have all gone, the STATE BROADCASTER ZNBC has recently gone to China’s TOPSTAR for $278 million under a 25 year-long ‘concession’. LAND and TIMBER reserves are going to Chinese, Indian and Lebanese exploiters, and the once-upon0a-time STATE LOTTERY (Zambian Lotto), is now a money-spinning jackpot owned by the Lebanese Mafia families.


In the final analysis, our nominal ‘POLITICAL INDEPENDENCE’, and our pride, dignity and liberty as a people, is all gone! We are being ruled by agents  and henchmen of the capitalist interests; and Economic Freedom remains a battle to be fought, if not, then a pipe-dream!


Who Will Fight to Liberate Zambia?


But we must fight. Surrender is no option, the stakes are too high! But where are the new freedom fighters? Where are the liberators of our time, to join the struggle for Zambia’s liberation from modern-day slavery and colonization? Where are the men who care? Where are the Zambian revolutionaries to rise up and take up the fight against the scourge of corruption, neo-colonialism and the wanton sale of our nation – a practice which has engulfed our nation and enslaved our people?


Stand Up and Fight Capitalism and its Political Agents!


I say let us be the heroes and saviours we are waiting for!


We may not be born-heroes, but we must be willing to fight!


Not all heroes are born, some are made and shaped by the pressures and circumstances of their lives and times; and above all, by the love of the motherland!


Aluta Continua!


Vitoria Acerta!