Class Warfare in Zambia: the Poor and Needy Must Strive to Overthrow the Rich and Greedy Class!


The Patriotic Front Government of Edgar Lungu has reduced Zambia to bottom poverty!


By Mainda Simataa | ELA General Secretary | Lusaka Zambia | 22 December 2017,




Some Classes Triumph, Some Classes Lose, But the People must Ultimately Win!


Zambian’s acute poverty levels have provided a fertile soil for class warfare – a struggle between two sections of the same society, but with opposing interests: one minority seeking power and ever higher profits for itself, and the other majority only seeking for better wages so that they can afford bread and water for their families! In a word, the Zambian society is divided between the rulers and the ruled, the employers and employees, the have’s and have-nots, the rich and the poor, and the oppressed and oppressor!


A Zambia: A Country were foreigners and a few black traitors do very well


The year 2017 has, by any measure, been a very bad year for Zambia’s majority poor who’s poverty levels stand at over 75% in urban areas, and over 90% in rural areas. As more and more Zambians continue to plummet to bottom poverty, all foreign exploiters and investors, not forgetting the ruling political elites and the middle-class intellectual bureaucracy that upholds their unjust system of capitalist exploitation, continue to do very well while the rest of the population continues to go to hell as they wallow in abject poverty!


Zambia has therefore become an exceedingly polarized class society – with extreme levels of inequality playing in favour of a tiny but powerful minority class of no more than 5% of the 16.4 million population of Zambians. This minority class of exploiters and its aides consists of a corrupt and despotic political ruling class, a rich section of foreigners/foreign investors; and to buttress and support this whole system of exploitation, we have a section of high-ranking officials in the security and intelligence wings, regime-friendly business men, and a network of regime-functionaries,  intellectuals, pro-regime experts, and prostituted executives in both the public and private sectors.


The Political Ruling Class – Servants of the Capitalist Class, Parasites of the Poor!


The battle-line of the current and future struggles of the oppressed masses in Zambia, like in many African countries, thus takes on a class character. The class warfare that our poor and oppressed must wage is against a small but powerful and influential group of people at the very top of the social structure – a small group that will stop at nothing, and do anything to maintain the status quo by holding onto political power, class privileges, and position, by suppressing and oppressing the majority.


This small capitalist exploiting class is led and protected by a cabal of political elites who can be described as nothing less than parasites of the poor masses. These political mercenaries have hijacked the people’s power for themselves as a political class; and they use their positions of power to favour capitalist exploiters, and to crash all dissent and opposition to their tyranny. This ruling class further enjoys all the advantages of society at the expense of the poor masses who’s tax monies they use to maintain their lives of luxury and opulence. These politicians once elected, become millionaires and lords over-night – lords over the land and its people. In one year, they enjoy and accumulate huge salaries and benefits which even a civil servant like a teacher cannot earn after 35 years of sweat and toil! The mid-term gratuity paid to an elected politician for serving only 2 and half-years, is more than the pension of an ordinary civil servant or miner who has toiled for over 35 years!


The Political Ruling Class as a Subsidized bunch of Parasites!


It is always laughable, and a mockery to the poor to hear politicians supporting the cut on subsidies for food, fuel and farming inputs for our peasant farmers. It is down-right hypocritical for them to denounce the merits of Socialism and a welfare state as being too costly and impractical when in fact, the political ruling class is the biggest cost and drain on tax-payers money. From the first day they are elected and appointed into office as Member’s of parliament and Ministers, they are entitled to free things for doing nothing but dozing in parliament, or doing the ‘hard work’ of thinking and talking!


This heavily subsidized parasitic ruling class enjoys free housing, free food, free vehicles, free fuel, free talk-time, hefty entertainment allowances every Friday of the week, super salaries every month of  the year, and a whooping mid-term gratuity after 2 and half years in office! In addition they and their families enjoy free education allowances, and free quality healthcare; all of which can be accessed from home or abroad if they so wish. Yet these are the same hypocrites who preach day and night that people shouldn’t expect free services and handouts from the very government that lives off the people’s taxes! It is this political class that the masses must confront first, and dislodge from power first, and fast! Afterwards, the removal and punishment of the other capitalist parasites can follow without any one to protect them!


The Treacherous Middle-men and Mangers of the Political Class


The oppressive Political and capitalist business class are a very insignificant number compared to the millions of Zambians they suppress. Their power and hold on society is only maintained by their puppet underlings – the high-ranking bureaucrats both in the public and private sectors. These underlings consist mostly of highly ‘educated’, highly paid, but morally bankrupt people! They form a small army of well bribed experts to manage the whole apparatus of oppression on which the politicians and investor exploiters rely.


Naturally, it follows that these middle-classes, who are neither super-rich or super-poor, harbor the ambitions of joining the rich classes through promotion, or other favors they obtain. It is these middle class who are the speaking-mob and promoters of the exploiters ideas! These middle-class functionaries of the elites and capitalists are well-fed and well-paid. Most of them have never felt the pinch of poverty in their lifetime because they come from well-to-do family backgrounds. Therefore, they care nothing for the agonies of the poor, but only speak fleetingly and superficially about the poor. This middle-men and middle-women class have every basic need of life catered for by the capitalist structure they sell themselves to. They have good housing, guaranteed social security for themselves and their children, including even the unborn children! They can afford private and expensive education and healthcare for themselves – services which are beyond the reach of the majority. From where they stand, poverty is always the fault of the poor people, not the exploiting capitalist companies and politicians who have systematically, robbed and deprived the masses of all opportunity to ever catch up with them. Hence, any program which is meant at lifting the welfare of the millions below them, and threatens to destabilize or undermine their comforts and position in society, is always opposed ferociously as a program that encourages laziness, instead of encouraging initiative and hard work from the poor.


The Poor Working Class must Struggle for a Welfare State, by Continuing Class Warfare


Having analysed the capitalist social structure and the mental character of its functionaries, supporters and sympathizers, we must endeavor to wage a relentless struggle against all these classes who are opposed to the noble goals of the ordinary millions in our country. We must never let the rich tell us what is good, or not good for the majority poor in our country. We must never let people who have never been poor for a day in their lives to lecture us on the best way to alleviate poverty. We must never allow privileged people who have millions to pay for expensive healthcare, and have never felt the sorrow of losing a loved one due to lack of money for medicine and treatment, to talk us out of the importance of a free healthcare system for all.


We must never let people who are guaranteed jobs because of connections, and have never felt the poverty and pain of being unemployed, to talk us out of the right to employment and better wages for all. We must never let people who have built many mansions from stolen money, to talk us out of the need for an affordable public housing program that will lift millions out of the congested compounds and ghettos, into decent homes which they can own.


Indeed the struggles of the poor and oppressed classes of Zambia are many, but with unity and purpose, and by knowing the selfish interests and mentality of the few who are standing in our way, we can overcome and sweep all these enemies of progress aside! We must identify ourselves and our class struggle not only by the colour of our skin and nationality, but more importantly, we must identify ourselves based on the common economic concerns and social challenges we share. We must be aware from the start that not every Zambian is with us; quite a good number are traitors working for and eating with our enemies, and we must treat them accordingly.


Those who are naturally likely to be with us are those with nothing much to lose, but with much to gain. These are the Zambians who suffer from unemployment and the exploitation of low wages; they are those who cannot afford to provide education and healthcare for themselves and their families; they are those who are too poor to secure their own futures, or that of their children; they are those who have been cheated and left out in the cold, those who are aggrieved, frustrated and dissatisfied by the corrupt regime of politicians and their foreign partners who are robbing and raping us everyday. The people we can count on are the poor and pure of heart – not those who just read about poverty, or watch it on TV. We cannot count on experts of poverty who meet to discuss poverty in hotels over bottles of champagne, or research about poverty in university halls and endless workshops. No, we need those who feel the gross injustices and grotesque inequalities of our capitalist society at a personal or family level, and are able to appreciate the merits of changing the political and economic system that will work for the many, and not the few – a Socialist system governed and controlled by the producers of wealth – the workers!


Forward with the Socialist Revolution!


All Power to those who work the lands and factories!


The Workers and Oppressed shall Govern!