Austria: Successful Collection of Clothes for hard-pressed Kurds

Report (with pictures) from the Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 14.11.2014, and


In the past weeks activists from the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION collected in Viennese schools numerous clothes, shoes, children's toys for the hard-pressed Kurds in Kobane and other areas. The collection was particularly successful in the Anton-Krieger-Gasse school which is one of the country’s biggest schools.

On 14 November representatives from RED*REVOLUTION, ROTER WIDERSTAND and the RKO BEFREIUNG delivered more than 50 suitcases and bags to representatives of the Kurdish organization FEYKOM.

Our solidarity action was also reported in Kurdish media. (See the link below)

With this action we want to express our solidarity with the Kurdish brothers and sisters which are currently resisting against the attacks of the reactionary Daash / IS militias. At the same time we call to fight against the imperialist crusade of the US and the EU and express our solidarity with those who resist against it. It is equally important to struggle against the spreading racist Muslim-baiting in Austria.

The youth organization RED*REVOLUTION, the workers organization ROTER WIDERSTAND and the RKO BEFREIUNG will be active with this in mind in the coming weeks and months.


Long live international solidarity!

Down with imperialism and racism!


Photos of the solidarity action can be viewed at:

Kurdish Daily News also published a report with pictures: