COR (Argentina) Statement on Marikana Massacre in South Africa

The carnage of Marikana is an attack to workers all around the world

Statement from the COR (WRC - Workers Revolutionary Current / Chile and Argentina) on the events in South Africa


The carnage that the police performed to crush the miner's strike in Marikana showed to workers all around the world which are the methods of capitalists before the crisis. Lonmin's despair to reopen it's most important mine showed very clearly that the apartheid never ended in South Africa, because beyond the institutional forms, the racial background of the presidents or the speeches, the imperialist's interests continue to determine life and death in the country. The bloody repression that the ANC government carried out only followed the traditional political line: to defend the British imperialism's interests and those of it's eternal South African partners.

But the brutal repression also showed the treacherous role of Cosatu's bureaucracy, that through it's policy of isolation and pointing to the police the most combatant elements (as the union AMCWU), made possible for the bourgeois State perform it's carnage.

Today, it is clear that it is necessary to go forward in the counter-offensive and avenge the murdered. To organize the self-defense and go forward to impose a General Strike to guarantee the absolute victory of the miner's struggle, and following a program to expropriate the expropriators, to go forward into a deep confrontation against the capitalist order that, as long as it exists, will continue to determine the misery of millions of workers and the super profits for those capitalists in the stock exchange markets in Johannesburg and London.

Also in England, this massacre should lead the workers' organizations to declare themselves against the interests of the British imperialist Estate. The English workers should see their common foe in that Estate and struggle against the looting that it performs in semi colonies. The youth, the native and immigrant workers were attacked through this massacre, it's fundamental to show the imperialists that their attacks will have consequences also in their own territory. The shadows of the spontaneous uprisings that shaked the suburbs of London barely a year ago, that leaded to the militarization of the city, continue tormenting the imperialists in the City. Class hatred, under the leadership of the workers' organizations will be able to put this parasites on their knees.

The working class vanguard in all the countries of the world and the combatant youth that in the recent years has gained experience in the struggle against the consequences of the crisis are called to actively support the South African miners. Trade Unions, workers' federations and centrals should be forced to organize actions against the interests of British imperialism, paralysing its petrol and mining fields, its factories, its banks and its services enterprises, established all along the world. We make an appeal to mobilize against the diplomatic headquarters of South Africa and the United Kingdom, to repudiate the massacre and to denounce its imperialist nature.

Today the South African miners continuing the strike, challenging the assassins hired by LonMin, the South African capitalists and the British imperialists. Miners' firm stance and unity on the objective of continuing the strike after the repression and before the threats of mass layoffs put in evidence the weakness of the capitalists against the power of the workers. But it also appeared clear that there is a task for the whole of the South African working class: to regain workers' organizations expelling the traitors from the leadership of the unions and centrals as Cosatu. The task of regaining the organizations is the first step for the South African working class in its struggle for the liberation of the nation from the claws of imperialism that can only be accomplished completely with the working class leading all the oppressed, destroying in a revolutionary way the bourgeois Estate, and taking power in its hands. Today it becomes more clear than ever that the historical interests of the South African proletariat will not be achieved until bourgeois power, guarantor of the interests of imperialism in the country, is destroyed.