Out on the Streets to Protest against the Chemical Weapons Massacre by the Assad Regime!

Call by the International Secretariat of the RCIT, 5 April 2017, www.thecommunists.net




The tyrannical Assad regime has committed another massacre against the Syrian people. Yesterday, the Syrian Air Force barbarically attacked Khan Sheikhoun – a town in the liberated province of Idlib – with chemical weapons. According to the Union of Medical Care Organizations this attack has caused the death of at least 100 people, among them numerous women and children, with more than 300 wounded.


This obscene tragedy demonstrates once more the barbaric character of Assad's genocidal war against the Syrian people! And it also shows once more the desperate need for the international workers movement to rally in support for the ongoing liberation struggle of the Syrian people. What a scandalous cynicism that many so-called "socialists" – in reality Stalinists and Castro-Chavistas – continue to support the mass murderer Assad and his master Putin in the name of "anti-imperialism"! What a shame that many other socialists fail to defend the Syrian Revolution but take a neutral, abstentionist position in this war between freedom and tyranny!


The governments of the US and the EU, once more, cynically shed some tears about the Syrian victims. But everyone knows that the Western imperialist leaders are accomplices of the regime in Damascus and its imperialist backers in Moscow. It is only two days ago that Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, publicly stated that replacing Assad is "no priority for the US". In fact the imperialist Great Powers – Russia, the US and the EU – are secretly negotiating on an agreement to liquidate the Syrian Revolution and to carve up the country in different spheres of influences.


In reaction to the horrible massacre the Syrian rebels have called the fighters to "ignite the fronts". They are right so and they have our unconditional support in their efforts to destroy the barbaric war machinery of Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and the Russian imperialists!


However we must not let the heroic Syrian people and their fighters alone in their struggle for freedom! It is high time to mobilize a strong international solidarity movement to aid the Syrian people and their struggle for freedom. Such a campaign should also fight for open boarders for Syrian refugees!


Finally, given the terrible lack of a revolutionary leadership, it is particularly urgent to build a revolutionary party in Syria and internationally. We call all those who want to support the Syrian Revolution to unite today on basis of several fundamental principles without which it is impossible to find a correct orientation. Such a platform should contain the following slogans:


* Smash the Assad tyranny! Victory to the Syrian Revolution! Continue the Support for the popular struggle against the dictatorship!


* No trust in and no collaboration with any imperialist Great Power (like Russia, US, EU, China) nor with the governments of any of the regional powers (like Iran, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia)! Fight against all imperialist interventions!


* Down with all dictatorships and reactionary regimes in the Middle East! Solidarity with the popular resistance fighting for freedom!


* No to sectarianism! We want a society which respects the opinion of everyone on religion as his or her personal issue!


* Down with the counter-revolutionary Daesh!


* For multi-religious and multi-national unity in the struggle against the Assad dictatorship! For full national self-determination for all national and ethnic minorities!


* No trust in the official rebel leaderships – neither the pro-Western FSA nor the various types of Islamists! However, despite our sharp criticism of these leaderships we unconditionally support the ongoing struggle against the Assad regime led by these forces!


* For the formation of popular councils and popular militias!


* For a Workers and Peasants Republic in Syria! Spread the revolution to the whole Arab world and the Middle East!


* The international workers movement must rally to support the Syrian Revolution! For a workers aid campaign for the Syrian people – as it was done in solidarity with the Bosnian people in 1992-95!


* The international workers movement must organize a campaign to boycott the regime of Bashar al-Assad and his capitalist business friends! For workers actions against the imperialist forces attacking the Syrian people!


* Open the Boarders for the Syrian Refugees! Down with racism and Islamophobia in Europe!


* Most of all: For the building of a revolutionary party in Syria as part of a new revolutionary International!