Syria: For an Independent Revolutionary Road!

Down with the Bombing and Siege against Aleppo! Stop the Turkish Invasion and Occupation! No to the Imperialist Conspiracy against the Syrian Masses!


Joint Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) and Sınıf Savaşı (Turkey), 25.09.2016, and




Every day the situation in Syria gets more precarious for the popular masses. The so-called “peace deal” which was negotiated by the imperialist Great Powers, Russia and the United States, constitutes a tremendous threat to the Syrian Revolution. In these negotiations it was clear that neither Russia nor for the United States, not the EU nor the regional power Turkey, desire to topple the bloody dictatorship of Assad. Instead, the highest priority for western and eastern imperialism is to fight against those forces which are not under the direct control of one of the Great Powers. This means, on one hand, the arch-reactionary IS/Daesh while on the other it means the Syrian popular masses who are currently under the leadership of various, non-revolutionary or even openly reactionary rebel groups.


The cease fire agreement was broken by Assad’s army and Russian imperialism which saw no reason to stop their well-fed and well-armed troops from advancing against eastern Aleppo and other areas under the control of various poorly-armed rebel-factions.


The RCIT and Sınıf Savaşı stand against this new offensive by Assad’s army, supported directly by Russian imperialism. Although we cannot give political support to any of the rebel factions who are led by petty-bourgeois Islamists or nationalists, we do stand for the defense of the areas held by them. Syrian revolutionaries need to organize independently in authentically revolutionary cells and brigades and fight against Assad’s army as well as against imperialism. This means opposing all bombing campaigns, no matter if the bombs are dropped by Assad’s, Russian, American, French or British planes!


We also stand against the invasion of northern Syria by the Turkish army. This invasion was agreed upon in advance with both western and eastern imperialism as well as with Assad. The reason for this invasion – which was also supported by small forces of pro-imperialist rebel groups – was not to overthrow Assad or to fight IS/Daesh, but to stop the Kurdish forces from uniting the two areas held by them and establishing a contiguous area under the control of PYD/YPG adjacent to the southern border of Turkey. This would have been a tremendous danger for the instable Turkish state and its war against the Kurdish masses.


While we absolutely defend the PYD/YPG against every attack by the Turkish army or by IS/Daesh, we sharply criticize its leadership for openly collaborating with imperialism. We call upon the leadership of PYD/YPG to break with western and eastern imperialism, since only in this way can Kurdish revolutionaries build a truly multi-national movement against the arch-reactionary IS/Daesh, imperialism and capitalism.


The Syrian masses are in their current dreadful position due to the conspiracy of nearly all the imperialist Great Powers (Russia, the US and EU), the bourgeois Assad-dictatorship, but also the various non-revolutionary forces who hijacked the attempted democratic revolution which started in 2011.


The two so-called “Communist” (in reality Stalinist) parties of Syria bear a major responsibility for this situation as they have been long-time allies of the reactionary dictatorship of the Assad clan and have thereby slandered socialism and communism in the eyes of the Syrian masses. Likewise, the liberal-secularist opposition bears responsibility for the current situation, as they have always been open to deals with imperialism and the regime.


The only real alternative for the Syrian masses is to wage a struggle against all Great Powers and against the Assad dictatorship (which is now seen by Western imperialism as the lesser evil, and even as a respectable partner) for freedom, bread and justice! Therefore we need to form a “counter-conspiracy” of the popular masses in the region and throughout the entire world against the conspiracy of the Great Powers, the dictators, and the kings!


The RCIT and Sınıf Savaşı dedicated to building revolutionary organizations in every country which will act as a single, united international organization. This is the only way in which the masses of the workers and oppressed can win – not separate but united!