General Sisi – The Butcher of the Egyptian People – Sentences another 683 People to Death

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 1.5.2014,


1.            The Military Dictatorship in Egypt continues its campaign of mass terror against the country’s people. In another show trial conducted on 28 April, General Sisi’s henchmen sentenced yet an additional 683 persons to death. The condemned are collectively accused of having killed one (!) police officer in the town of Adwa during August of last year. Only a month ago, in a different case, a court sentenced to death 529 alleged supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood for the death of a single (!) police officer in a separate round of clashes which took place during the mass protests of August 2013 following the military coup d’état. In neither trial were the defense attorneys allowed to present their case, no witnesses were heard, and many of the accused were not even brought to the courtroom. According to Amnesty International, these two mass death sentences are the greatest in living world memory. They are simply the latest manifestation of a wave of terror which has already led to the death of more than 6,000 persons and the arrest of at least 17,000 others since General Sisi took power on 3 July 2013. By all meaningful standards, General Sisi has justifiably earned the contemptible title “the Butcher of the Egyptian People.”

2.            In an addition move, the regime has outlawed the April 6 Youth Movement. This group had initially supported the military coup d’état and welcomed the reactionary suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, subsequently, its members began criticizing some of the totalitarian characteristics of General Sisi’s regime and organized a few small protest rallies.

3.            These latest developments once again demonstrate the barbarous nature of the military regime in Egypt which is, characteristically, officially recognized and supported by the all the great imperialist powers. Washington continues to provide $1.5 billion in military and economic aid to post-coup Egypt. Similarly, the European Union, the Putin regime in Russia, and the rulers of China – the latter two oftentimes being praised as “progressive forces” by various Stalinists – also continue to make shady deals with General Sisi. For example, in February, Egypt reached an initial agreement with Russia over an arms delivery deal worth in excess of $3 billion. Once more, this shows how all great imperialist powers – both in the West as well as in the East – are the enemies of the world proletariat and oppressed peoples.

4.            The latest orgy of terror underlines once again exactly how misguided are those reformist and centrist leftists who hailed the military coup last summer as an expression of “popular will” or even as “the second revolution.” Among such Sisi enthusiasts then were the Cliffite Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt, the SWP (UK), ISO (USA), as well as Alan Woods’ IMT. There are even purportedly leftists who still praise the Sisi dictatorship, like the “Communist” Party of Egypt. Authentic socialists in Egypt and internationally must condemn these fake “socialists” and “communists.”

5.            On 27 April, the Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt announced their support for the bourgeois-liberal Nasserist candidate Hamdeen Sabahi in the upcoming presidential elections to be held on 26 and 27 May. The RCIT condemns this support as petty-bourgeois, treacherous politics, since Sabahi has been a prominent supporter of General Sisi’s coup d’état. In their statement of support for Sabahi, the RS itself was forced to recognize that Sabahi “has remained silent on the violations of freedom by the Interior Ministry and the army, including massacres and arrests, torture and storming the university campuses. He has even supported the lie of the “war on terrorism” which the state is using as a pretext for the return of the police state.” Even this ostensibly conciliatory statement by the RS is a whitewash. In fact, Sabahi was not “silent” but openly welcomed the wave of terror in August last year, during which at least 1,400 persons were killed in just a few days. According to Wikipedia, in an interview with Al-Hayat television in August 2013, Sabahi said “that the national forces were behind the state apparatus to defeat terrorism: ‘We will stay hand in hand, the people, the army and the police.’” Given their electoral support for the coup supporter Sabahi, the RS’s protest against the Sisi regime and the ongoing Egyptian counter-revolution have an unabashedly hollow ring.

6.            The RCIT repeats that the central task at this stage in time remains the organizing of the struggle against the military dictatorship in both places of work and on the streets. While communists cannot politically support the bourgeois-Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, we must defend them– and all other political forces which oppose the dictatorship –against the regime of General Sisi. We call for international solidarity demonstrations and strikes against the repression in Egypt.

7.            It is both a vital and urgent task to advance the formation of a workers’ party as a political alternative to the Muslim Brotherhood and rotten Stalinism. Such a party must be established on the basis of a revolutionary socialist program. We call for all revolutionaries in Egypt to unite in adopting an authentic revolutionary program and, with this aim in mind, to open a dialogue and collaboration with the RCIT. Onward to the formation of a revolutionary workers’ party in Egypt as part of the Fifth Workers’ International!

* Free all political prisoners in Egypt! Down with the show trials against resistance activists of the Muslim Brotherhood and other organizations! For international solidarity demonstrations and strikes against the repression in Egypt!

* Defend the pro-Morsi demonstrations without giving political support to their leadership! For a broad united front (including Islamists) in defense of democratic rights! For mass action committees to organize the resistance! For armed self-defense units! Prepare for a general strike and an armed insurrection against the military regime!

* Advance the workers struggle for higher wages and against lay-offs! For the right to form independent trade unions! Fight inside the trade unions against the pro-regime bureaucrats!

* Down with the new reactionary Constitution! For a Revolutionary Constitutional Assembly elected and controlled by the working people and defended by armed popular militias!

* Prepare the struggle for a workers’ government, with the support of the poor peasantry and the urban poor! Such a workers’ government will be committed to the expropriation of the multinationals, big capital, and the banks, all to be placed under workers’ control, and will replace the bourgeois state apparatus by workers’ and peasant organs.

* Onward to a workers’ revolution to abolish, once and for all, the capitalist system – the root of poverty, unemployment, and repression! For a workers’ and peasants’ republic in Egypt as part of a socialist federation of the peoples of the Maghreb and Mashriq!


International Secretariat of the RCIT


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