Egypt: Military Dictatorship Sentences Former President Morsi to Death!

Down with the Butcher General al-Sisi! For a Revolutionary Constitutional Assembly!

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 17.5.2015,


Egypt’s court, acting as a rubber stamp for the military dictatorship, has sentenced former President Mohamed Morsi and 105 others to death for a mass prison break in 2011. The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) condemns this sentencing and calls for the immediate release of Morsi and all political prisoners.

We do not do so because of any political support for Morsi and the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood. When they were in power they acted as loyal defenders of the capitalist system and constituted a huge obstacle on the road of revolution. The resulting disappointment of the masses with Morsi’s government laid the groundwork for the military coup on 3 July 2013. However, contrary to what the naïve, anti-Morsi forces hoped at the time, the Egyptian military was and is only a force that can act to smash the revolution. Since the coup and until the present time, the worst enemy of the working class is the military junta backed by the US and Israel.

The Egyptian judiciary is acting in the service of the generals who succeeded in recreating the same sort of political reality in Egypt which prevailed for decades under Mubarak's authoritarian system.

As Mohamed Soudan, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood, told Al Jazeerathe decision was farcical. They're insisting on issuing these verdicts against anyone who participated in the January 25 Revolution”.

We of the RCIT call on all workers, poor peasants, and students – including all those who erringly supported the military coup when it took place – to unite and bring down the military dictatorship. It would be criminal cowardice not to form a united front of all forces, religious and secular, who oppose the butcher al-Sisi’s dictatorship and its imperialist backers.

The primary lesson to learn from the failure of the Egyptian revolution which ousted Mubarak and put Morsi in control is that only the working class can lead a successful revolution, combining the achievement of democratic goals with those of a socialist revolution. This, in turn, is only possible if the working class is led by a revolutionary working class party. The RCIT calls upon all activists who support such a perspective to join us in this struggle!

* Forward in the struggle for a revolutionary Constitutional Assembly in Egypt!

* For democratic mass meetings that will chose the best leadership to lead the struggle!

* Down with the military dictatorship!

* Release all political prisoners in Egypt!

* For a democratic and red Egypt! For a Socialist Federation of Maghreb and Mashreq!