Egypt: Report with Videos from Demonstration in Austria against the Military Dictatorship on 20.4.2014

Egypt: Down with the Dictatorship! No to the Ban of the Muslim Brotherhood! Immediate Release of all 529 activists under sentence of death!

Report (with Videos) of the Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (RKOB) on the demonstration against the military regime in Egypt (20April 2014, Vienna), 22.4.2014, and


On the 20th April 2014 (Easter Sunday and therefore holiday in Austria) more than 2,000 people demonstrated in Vienna in defense of the 529 Egyptian activists who were sentenced to death. The participants were mostly Egyptian, Turkish and Bosnian migrants. The Egyptian activists were sentenced by the military regime in a deeply undemocratic summary judgment for their alleged involvement in the death of one (!) policeman in August 2013. Never before in Egyptian court history so many people have been sentenced to death at once. During the court proceeding, the defense lawyers were not even allowed to enter the courtroom. They are in the majority activists of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is banned and suppressed by the military regime.

The Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (RKOB) does not give any political support to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a bourgeois force. But we defend, while upholding all political criticism, the Muslim Brotherhood against the suppression by the military regime. The prosecution and sentencing as well as the suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood are deeply undemocratic and reactionary. The regime itself has come to power through a coup, supported by the EU- and U.S.-imperialists. In contrast the Muslim Brothers are a party roots in the masses, which had come to power as the first party for decades, through parliamentary-democratic elections and the support of a large part of the population. Thus the main enemy in Egypt is currently the military dictatorship which is supported by the imperialist powers!

According to this, the outrage about the regime of General Sisi was large and justified at the demonstration in Vienna. The RKOB participated with a delegation in the demonstration. Michael Pröbsting, our spokesperson and international secretary of the RCIT, was invited to address the demonstration both at the beginning and at the end. Despite the fact that most participants at the demonstration were religious Muslims, both speeches of our comrade were interrupted several times by applause. In one of the two speeches Michael Pröbsting said: "I am a communist. But I say to the British Government, I say to EU: Hands off the Muslim Brotherhood! Democratic rights for all those, who struggle for freedom in Egypt!"

It was also remarkable was the awareness of our organization among the activists on the demonstration, who came to meet us with great sympathy, because they knew us from many demonstrations for a free Palestine, for the Arab Revolution as well as solidarity actions with the resistance in Egypt in the past ten years. Among other things this was expressed by chants of hundreds of demonstrators who chanted: "Dear Michael, dear, dear Michael!". (See, for instance, the video of the second speech by Michael Pröbsting both at the beginning and at minute 2:18)

Also notable was the speech of a central organizer of the protests, Ibrahim Ali, who condemned the U.S. and EU-imperialist policies sharply. Similarly, Ibrahim Ali castigated sharply the bloodshed of the military regime especially against young women and children. The demonstration itself was in its majority composed of young people and at least half, if not in the majority of them were women. It was militant from the beginning to the end and expressed the righteous indignation and anger of a large proportion of the Egyptian masses against oppression by the military regime.

We say: For demonstrations and strikes as long as the regime in Egypt is in power! For a free Egypt! Despite all political criticism – Hands off the Muslim Brotherhood! Immediate reversal of the death sentences and an end to the court proceeding! Freedom for all imprisoned regime opponents! For the abolition of the ban on the Muslim Brotherhood and for their right to stand as candidates for the elections! Against any imperialist intervention! Down with the dictatorship! For the completion of the revolution in Egypt - which means a socialist revolution and the creation of a workers and peasants republic!


Videos of the speeches by Michael Pröbsting:

1. Speech by Michael Pröbsting:

2. Speech by Michael Pröbsting:


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