Egypt: Report with Pictures and Videos from Demonstration in Austria against the Military Dictatorship on 4.5.2014

Down with the military dictatorship in Egypt!

Report with Pictures and Videos of the RKOB (Austrian section of the RCIT) on the demonstration against the military regime in Egypt (4 May 2014, Vienna), 5.5.2014, and



On 4 May 300 Egyptian migrants demonstrated against the military dictatorship of General Sisi. Their protest was triggered by the mass death sentence against 683 people who were accused of being members of the Muslim Brotherhood and the alleged involvement in the killing a single (!) police officer in August 2013.


The RKOB condemned the military regime from the beginning after it came to power on July 3, 2013 via a coup. Hence we participated regularly in the protests of the Egyptian community. Therefore, we were also invited this time by the Egyptian community and participated with a delegation in the protest.


Ibrahim Ali, the organizer of the demonstration, denounced in his speech the support for the Egyptian regime of General Sisi by the U.S. and the EU. He stressed the need for broad unity across political and religious boundaries to bring down the military dictatorship.


Michael Pröbsting, international secretary of the RCIT, stressed in his speech at the opening rally the hypocrisy of the U.S. and EU propaganda for "human rights". He pointed to the massive financial support from Washington for the apartheid state of Israel and the military regime in Egypt. He also pointed to the support of the U.S. and the EU for the right-wing regime in Ukraine in which fascists participate. Comrade Pröbsting also commemorated the socialist Borotba activists Andrei Brazhewskij and numerous other victims of the fascist terror who died in an arson attack in Odessa on 2 May.


Johannes Wiener, spokesman for the RKOB, spoke twice at the closing rally in front of the U.S. Embassy (both in German and English). He emphasized the need for international solidarity with the liberation struggles of the Syrian and the Palestinian people. He also pointed out that U.S. imperialism – despite its hypocritical propaganda – is the biggest war criminals of the recent past.


Pictures of the demonstration as well as videos oft he speeches of Michael Pröbsting and Johannes Wiener can be seen at the RKOB website:

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