Austria: Solidarity Demonstration in Vienna against the military dictatorship in Egypt

Down with Al-Sisi! Long live international solidarity!

Report on the demonstration in Vienna against the military dictatorship in Egypt

By Nina Gunić, Revolutionary Communist Organization for Liberation (RKOB, Austrian Section of the RCIT), 18.8.2013,


On Sunday, 18th August, a demonstration was held in Vienna in which more than 1,000 people took part. The demonstration was organized by a number of Muslim associations both from the Egyptian as well as Turkish community. The demonstration was directed against the military dictatorship in Egypt and the regime of Al-Sisi. It was clearly an important demonstration, which brought masses – i.e. ordinary people not organized in political parties – to the streets. This was visible by the many homemade posters which people carried, the mood, and the participation of many families with strollers.

The Revolutionary Communist Organization for the Liberation (RKOB) was an active and vocal part in the demonstration. We stand against the regime of Al-Sisi without giving any political support to Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood. In opposite to all other organizations of the so-called "Left" we are active in the anti-coup mobilizations in Austria and also made public our clear and sharp rejection of the military coup from the beginning.

We spread our political message at the demonstration with our flyers and our paper as well as by our speech. Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of RCIT (of which the RKOB is the Austrian Section) declared in his speech "Al-Sisi would not be in power, if he were not a friend of the U.S. and a friend of Israel." He made clear, however, that we are not supporters Mursi: "Brothers and sisters, I say: I am not a supporter of President Mursi". But he also made clear that the resistance against the regime Al-Sisi is now the main issue and that a united front in the struggle against the military dictatorship is the duty of all anti-imperialists and revolutionaries.

We have supported a successful, combative and loud demonstration. It is a shame that not only many "left" in Egypt but also in Austria have not clearly rejected the military coup on 3rd July. It is a shame that they do not show support for the resistance against the dictatorship combined with open political criticism against the Muslim Brotherhood and Mursi. All this shows the lack of revolutionary character of the centrist organizations and reformist forces. Organizations such as the “Left Turn” (affiliated with the SWP(UK) and the Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt) and the “Spark” (affiliated with the IMT of Alan Woods) have incredibly hailed the military coup on 3rd July as the "Second Egyptian Revolution", although this was a counter-revolution in reality. This is nothing but treachery!

Today was a day of international solidarity and true anti-imperialism. We stated and state: "Down with Al-Sisi! Long live international solidarity! For a free Egypt! "


Photos of the demonstration can be viewed at

A Video of the speech of Michael Pröbsting at the final rally can be view at the same link or at the YouTube Channel of the RKOB at