Greetings to the Yemeni 'Socialists against Aggression'

Open Letter from the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 15 July 2016,




Dear comrades,




We send you our warmest greetings of solidarity in this difficult hour! Your country is under attack of the al-Saud gang which is massacring merciless thousands of people. In this situation it is important that socialists like you join forces in order to protest against the shameful betrayal of the official leadership of the “Socialist Party” which servile kiss the feet of the Saudi King.


As we have elaborated in various statements and documents, the RCIT fully supports the struggle of the Yemeni people against the aggression of King Salman and his lackey al-Hadi. We denounce the support for the Saudi aggression by the western imperialist powers US, EU and Israel as well as of the Gulf monarchies and the bloody Egyptian dictatorship of General Sisi. (1)


The RCIT is a revolutionary international organization with sections and activists in Yemen, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Occupied Palestine / Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Britain, Germany and Austria. Our Austrian section has organized a rally in front of the Saudi embassy in Vienna to express its solidarity with the resistance of the Yemeni people. (2)


We call to support the resistance against the foreign invasion which is currently led by the Houthi movement despite our criticism of the latter as a petty-bourgeois Islamist force. We consider the alliance with the former dictators Saleh as a terrible mistake which discredits the goals of the second Yemeni Revolution and constitutes a serious obstacle for its victory. The Yemeni Revolution can only win if the workers and fallahin organize themselves independently in councils of action and popular militias and take power.


We look forward to discuss and collaborate with you!




Revolutionary Greetings,


International Secretariat of the RCIT




(1) The RCIT has issued numerous documents on the Arab Revolution in general and the Yemeni Revolution in particular. Here are the links to the Arab language documents:


The RCIT’s international program can be read in Arabic language here:


(2) See pictures and videos at