Joint Statement: Solidarity with the Mass Protests in Zambia!


Joint Statement of ELA (Zambia), PACOR (Nigeria), PAM (Kenya) and RCIT, 16 January 2018




We, the undersigned organisations, express our solidarity with the popular protests against the PF government in Zambia.


The people are right to resist against the police which tries to displace the poor traders in Lusaka with brutal force under the pretext of handling a Cholera outbreak. It is not the poor who are responsible for the Cholera outbreak but the complete failure of the government’s health and social policy.


As our comrades of the Economic Liberation Association (Zambia) have pointed out, this failure is the result of capitalist nature of Zambia’s state and economy and the imperialist domination of the whole African continent.


We welcome all efforts of the Zambian workers and poor to organize their resistance by building committees of action in the neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools, universities, etc. The masses must take the struggle in their own hand so that it can be misdirected by any established bourgeois opposition party.


The only road forward is to liberate Zambia and the African continent from super-exploitation and oppression by the imperialist Great Powers and their corporations (US, EU, China, Russia, Japan) as well as by the privileged settlers (usually white, Indian, Chinese). There can be no economic freedom and hence no real political independence as long as these blood suckers dominate the African people!


We are convinced that freedom and equality can only be secured if the workers, poor peasants and youth combine the toppling of the reactionary government with the expulsion of the imperialist monopolies and the Great Powers and the expropriation of the ruling capitalist class. Only thus will they be able to create their own government which can open the road towards socialism.


* Solidarity with the Zambian mass protests!


* Down with the corrupt und capitalist PF government!


* No political independence without economic freedom!


* Aluta Continua!




Undersigned Organisations (in alphabetic order):


Economic Liberation Association (Zambia),


Pan African Consciousness Renaissance (Lagos, Nigeria),


Pan African Movement – Kenyan Chapter


Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (Zambia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, México, Venezuela, Israel/Occupied Palestine, Yemen, Tunisia, Aotearoa / New Zealand, Germany, Britain and Austria),