Israel/Occupied Palestine: “Peace Negotiation” and the Free Killing of Palestinians

by Yossi Schwartz, Internationalist Socialist League (RCIT-Section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 17.9.2013, and


The only real result of the so-called “peace talks” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority that resumed in July, following three years of no negotiations, is open season on the killing of Palestinians in the West Bank. Early this morning, the Israeli army opened fire on Islam al-Tubasi and mortally wounded him, He died shortly afterwards. The militant Islamic Jihad issued a statement mourning al-Tubasi as one of its members. According to the Israeli army, he was shot when he tried to escape detention. This is the fifth Palestinian killed in cold blood in the West Bank since July.

Palestinians have the right to ask the Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority what the real reason for the negotiation is, when the only concrete result thus far has been the free killing of Palestinians. Does anyone believe for a moment that Israel, which treats the Palestinians as non-human beings, will agree to a mini Palestinian state on 20% of Palestine? This is no more than some unsavoury pie in the sky.

The blood of Palestinians has become cheaper than water. Today, Ahsan Abu-Sitta, a construction worker from Nablus critically injured on the job in Tel Aviv, was apparently abandoned by his employer, without any attempt to assist him. Abu-Sitta’s body was found lying on the sidewalk outside 7 Ben Atar Street, in south Tel Aviv by a passersby, and then taken to Ichilov hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The daily newspaper Haaretz wrote: “Eyewitnesses told Haaretz that they had seen the contractor arriving at the apartment where the renovations were being done. He noticed the laborer was apparently critically injured and, with the help of two workers, dragged the man to the sidewalk opposite and left him there, without helping him.

The contractor denied that he had dumped the man, telling Haaretz: “I gave testimony in the police station, but I wasn’t investigated. I recounted exactly what happened, which was that I was there with another person for a whole hour and we tried to resuscitate him for an hour. I’m not connected to the apartment; it isn’t mine. I told the police what I saw. It’s all nonsense."

Faraji, a co-worker told Haaretz that the contractor first claimed that he didn't know the man. Afterwards, he changed his story and said that the worker had come only to offer him a price estimate, but Faraji maintains that he knows the man who was thrown into the street and that he has been working there for over a week.

A passer-by who witnessed the incident added that he had also shouted at the contractor and the workers when they threw the man onto the sidewalk. "I pass here often and he was working that day in the contractor's apartment, I saw him in the apartment a few minutes before he died," said the eyewitness. "When they dragged him out, I shouted to them that such things aren't done, I didn't believe that they would dump him and flee from the spot, I didn't believe it was happening. People there suggested giving him water or giving them a phone to summon Magen David Adom emergency services, but the contractor locked the apartment and asked his workers to flee from there." (Yaniv Kubovich: Injured Palestinian construction worker left to die on Tel Aviv street, 17.09.2013,

As far as we can understand, the contractor was not charged at all, even though he can be charged with criminal negligence, let alone more serious charges like murder. If Ahsan Abu-Sitta were still alive, the police would charge him for entering Tel Aviv (1948 occupied Palestine) without a permit.

Bashar Assad’s crimes against the Syrian masses are cynically condemned by the imperialists, including Israel. Beyond his statutory war crimes and crimes against humanity, we would add one more: that his actions let the Israeli government get away with moralizing about the violation of the Syrian people’s human rights by Assad the butcher, as if Israel herself doesn’t so causally step over the bodies of Palestinians.

The Internationalist Socialist League (ISL, Section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine) calls out to the Jewish workers and the poor who are exploited by the capitalists, backed by the racist Knesset and Israeli government: As long as you do not defend the rights of the Palestinians, you will never be able to fight for your own rights. When the army kills Palestinians in cold blood, and when employers throw injured workers onto the sidewalk and no one cares or protests, you are the prisoners of this system. The first lesson of the class struggle is: "an injury to one is injury to all"!

You will be free only when you join the struggle for a Free, Red, Democratic Palestine from the river to the sea, with a multi-national workers’ government backed by the fellahin and the Palestinian refugees.

* We support all Palestinians who demand from the Palestinian Authority to break off the so call “peace talks: with Israel, as these talks are cover for the killing of more Palestinians.

* We support the sentiments of all persons and groups who call for bringing the contractor to trial for his serious crime.

* We call for the indicting of police officials responsible for the failure to charge this contractor.

* We call for bringing to trial, a real trial, the Israeli soldiers who murdered Islam al-Tubasi.

In the present conjuncture, we don’t anticipate that these simple democratic demands will be met. For them to be met, a workers-led revolution is necessary. The only ones in a position to make this happen are the Palestinians workers and poor as well as those Israeli-Jewish workers which are fighting the Zionist oppression. The ISL and its international organization – the RCIT – are dedicated to advance this perspective.