More than 1.000 demonstrators in Vienna shouted: “Jerusalem is Palestine!”


Report (with Pictures and Videos) by the Austrian Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) on the rally against Trump's declaration, Vienna, 8th December 2017,




The arrogant, imperialist warlord and president of the United States, Donald Trump, declared on the 6th December Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. The very first moment after the declaration we have seen uprisings in Palestine itself, which may be the beginning of a Third Intifada. Protests started to spread all around the world in solidarity with the Palestinian people.


One of the demonstrations took place in Vienna, on the afternoon of the 8th December, in front of the US embassy. More than one thousand of people gathered in an unbelievable militant and vivid mood to show their reaction of Trump's declaration.


Representatives of the Austrian section of the RCIT joined the meeting of the Palestinian community in the evening of the 7th December where the rally of the next day was prepared. The preparation meeting was held in the meeting room of the Palestinian Youth Organisation in one of the proletarian districts of Vienna. An intense discussion was held on the purpose and perspectives of the protests. Comrades of the Austrian RCIT section were asked to address the meeting.


The demonstration on the next day was a full success not only for the organizing forces but also for the Palestine solidarity movement in Austria as such. Irrespective of the new rule in Austria that demonstrations are only allowed by the police if organizers apply 48 hours in advance (which was not met given the short-term announcement), the dynamic of the protest and the balance of power was in favor of the demonstrators and not the police. Many slogans were chanted and throughout the whole demonstration there was not a single minute without a speech respectively chanting. In addition to the Palestinian community and the RCIT, a spokesperson from the BDS movement as well as the anti-imperialist activist Wilhelm Langthaler hold speeches.


The International Secretary of the RCIT, Michael Pröbsting, gave a militant speech that was supported by all demonstrators chanting slogans to it. The same was true for the spokespersons of the Austrian section Almedina Gunic, Rahime Berisha and Marek Hangler during their speeches at the protest. In addition leaflets from the Austrian section were distributed to the participants and our comrades had a number of interesting discussions with people reacting very positive to our slogans and publications. (See pictures and videos below)


All in all the protest was a full success, a vivid and militant sign of protest against the imperialist arrogance of the US government and the Apartheid state of Israel. The RCIT and its Austrian section were always and will always support the just struggle of the Palestinian people.


Jerusalem is Palestine! For the Third Intifada! Long live a Free, Red Palestine!