Zimbabwe: Mugabe Attempts to Terrorize the People

Report from the International Revolutionary Workers of Zimbabwe, 21 July 2016, www.thecommunists.net




Zimbabwe is in a messy situation after Mugabe allies launched a terror campaign to instill fear and send a warning to ordinary suffering people who dare attempt to protest. The youth of ZANU-PF – Mugabe’s party – threatens to crush the popular revolt.


After recently shutdown of Zimbabwe by popular protests demanding that Mugabe should address serious social, economic and political problems in the country, ZANU-PF youths entered the streets of Harare. They demanded that they should be given a chance by the police to take action against the mass movements who protests against Mugabe.


With the burning economic crisis, appalling corruption and high rate of unemployment, shortage of cash, company closing, etc. there is still a significant section of the people that is supporting the regime in Zimbabwe – mostly sectors from the unemployed youth as well as from the rural population which are bused by the regime to the city for the demonstrations.


This shows the absence of a genuine working people's alternative means a huge section of the oppressed will always fall to the populism of the ruling elites and show gratitude for the carrots thrown to them.


As the International Revolutionary Workers in Zimbabwe (IRWZ) we call on the trade unions, mass organizations of the workers, poor peasants and urban poor to fight for the interest of the broad masses! While we support the unity of action with reformist, populist and centrist forces, at the same time we warn against any illusions in the bureaucratic leaderships!


For the formation of a rank and file movement inside the trade unions to organize the ordinary workers independently of the bureaucracy!


For the working class to take power it is necessary to build a revolutionary party that can organize the oppressed to be able to rule via popular councils. Such councils are formed by mass meetings in the factories, universities, villages and districts. They elect representatives from their own ranks who will not have any privileges and have to be held accountable by their base.


For a government of the workers and poor, based on such popular council and protected by militias of the workers!


Down with imperialism, capitalism and oppression!


Varombo tamuka!