Action Programme for Miners' Victory in South Africa

Victory for the South African miners!

A programme to win the struggle against the ANC/SACP/COSATU government

Statement by the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 18.9.2012


The miners struggle is at a decisive point. The unholy alliance of the ANC/SACP/COSATU government and the big mines corporations like Lonmin and Anglo American bosses are determined to break up the strike with its police forces. They do everything in their power to disarm the miners, to arrest their leaders and to wear them out. Nevertheless, the miners’ are heroically continuing their strike since more than six weeks!

We fully support socialist activists in South Africa in their calls to spread the strike to all mines and to the whole country. The RCIT proposes a programme to win the struggle against the ANC/SACP/COSATU government around the following slogans:

* R12.500 living wage for all miners!

* No arrests, no charges against any miner! No sacking of strike activists!

* Build strike committees in all mines! For a nation-wide coordination of these committees! Unity of all miners independent of the union-affiliation!

* For solidarity committees with the miners’ strike everywhere!

* For committees of the women in the miners communities in order to support the strike and to strengthen the independent role of women in the struggle!

* For a national strike in all mines! For the occupation of the mines to increase the pressure!

* For the formation of armed self-defense committees to drive out the police forces from the miners’ communities!

* Prepare for a nation-wide general strike for a living wage for all workers in South Africa!

* For the nationalization of the mines without compensation and under workers control!

* For an international solidarity campaign with the South African miners’ strike!

* Throw out the existing leadership of COSATU! Force COSATU to break with the Tripartite Alliance and the ANC government! SACP members, demand from the party leadership to break with the government!

* Down with the Popular Front ANC government! For a workers government, based on workers councils and militias, with a program to expropriate the capitalist class and to smash the bourgeois state apparatus!

* For a new mass working class party based on militant workers committees, trade unions and socialist activists! Such a worker’s party should be based on a revolutionary action program! Forward to a new world party of socialist revolution – the Fifth International!


The RCIT calls on militants in South Africa and world-wide to work join forces in order to achieve this goal!

Workers of world and oppressed, unite!