Nigeria: Protest against the Arrest of PACOR Activists!


Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 24 August 2018,




On behalf of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) we strongly protest against the arrest of activists of the Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (PACOR) by the police on 23 August. These three activists, comrades Azezez, Chuks and Ifa-Maberu, got arrested when they were at the verge of submitting the petition for a march at the U.S.A embassy (a march which was planned as part of the Reparation March on the same day).


As the PACOR comrades report in a statement, the police was evidently acting on order from the top – presumable the U.S. Embassy and Nigerian officials. (Read the PACOR Statement here:


This scandalous event demonstrates once more the collusion of imperialism and the local regimes in semi-colonial countries like Nigeria. It is symbolic that these arrests took place on the Afrikan Day of Remembrance Slavery – a day commemorating the centuries of plundering by the colonial power of Europe. (See the RCIT Statement: On the Occasion of the Afrikan Day of Remembrance Slavery 2018,


As we pointed out in this statement, the forms of exploitation and oppression might have changed in the past centuries. Likewise, new colonial powers like China have emerged in addition to the old ones from Europe and North America. But the essence of imperialist and capitalist super-exploitation remains in place. It can only be abolished by a socialist revolution – on the Africa continent and in the whole world!


Stop the repression against PACOR activists!


Long live international solidarity!



International Secretariat of the RCIT