Popular Protests in Zimbabwe: “We fight for our Rights!”

Report from the International Revolutionary Workers of Zimbabwe, 15 July 2016, www.thecommunists.net




As the International Revolutionary Workers of Zimbabwe (IRWZ) we express our full support with the popular masses engaged in peaceful protests and stay-aways to demand government accountability after decades of suffering and serious economic decline caused by bad governance, corruption and economic mismanagement.


It is only the determination of the people and their united action that will confront corruption, poverty, hunger, unemployment and inequalities that cause misery to the majority.


We condemn the arrest of Pastor Evan Mawarire, leader of "This Flag" movement, on allegations of inciting violence and planning to over throw the government. He was released without any charges. The solidarity shown to Pastor Evan by Zimbabweans is very encouraging. Let us continue in solidarity with Austin Nyakupinda who is being held at Beitbridge remand prison for no apparent reason. At the same time Linda Masarira is at Chikurubi, the country’s biggest prison, although she committed no crime.


The IRWZ demand the immediate and unconditional release of all detained, end to torture and police harassment, as well as guarantee of the right to free and peaceful!


We say: No to the popular-front regime of Mugabe which is preserving the capitalist system which exploits us workers and keeps the masses of the people in poverty! Although claiming to be anti-imperialist, the Mugabe government is collaborating with the Great Powers (China, USA, EU, etc).


Likewise we oppose all attacks from imperialism or from counterrevolutionary forces. The Mugabe regime must be overthrown by the workers and peasants – not the great powers and their local agents!


We call on the trade unions, mass organizations of the workers, poor peasants and urban poor to fight for the interest of the broad masses! While we support the unity of action with reformist, populist and centrist forces, at the same time we warn against any illusions in the bureaucratic leaderships!