Report on meeting in solidarity with the South African miners. Demo called for 8th September


On Sunday, 2nd September, the RKOB (Austrian section of the RCIT) hold a public meeting in Vienna in solidarity with the South African miners. About 40 people participated, including representatives from several left-wing organizations. All speakers agreed that the struggle of the miners deserves the unconditional solidarity of the workers movement.

The RKOB proposed to make a rally in solidarity with the miners on the 8th September – the same the day when the miners and the solidarity committees in South Africa will hold a national day of action. Several other organizations with Trotskyist respectively Maoist background agreed to this proposal. At the moment these are the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION, GKK (Austrian section of CoReP), the Anti-Imperialist League, Revolutionaerer Aufbau, KOMAK-ML. Other organizations are considering their position. It was decided to hold such a demonstration on 8th September early afternoon in the central street of the biggest working class district in Vienna.

A short joint call for the demonstration was later formulated and agreed. (It can be read in German on the RKOB website at the link