Austria: Rally in Solidarity with Gaza on 13.7.2014!

Report with Pictures and Videos of the RKOB (Austrian section of the RCIT) on the rally in Vienna on 13.7.2014, and


About 500 people joined a rally in the center of Vienna on July 13 and showed their protest against the murderous assault of the Israeli state against the Palestinian people in Gaza. Most participants were from the Palestinian, Egyptian, Syrian and Turkish community. Numerous chants in solidarity with Gaza reflected a militant mood of the participants.

The Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (RCIT-Section in Austria) and the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION supported the rally. Michael Pröbsting (international secretary of the RCIT) addressed the crowd in two speeches in which he expressed our unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle. He also stated the need for a broad international solidarity movement with the Palestinian people and a boycott campaign against Israel.

The Austrian reformist and centrist left were again totally absent – as it happened during the last Gaza wars in 2008/09 and 2012. The reason for this is their adaption and capitulation to Zionism. Either they openly support Zionism. To give a few extreme examples. The youth organization of the Communist Party has repeatedly officially supported pro-Israel war-mongering rallies under the slogan “Free Gaza from Hamas”. So did the youth group of the Green Party. The leadership of the youth organization of the social democratic party – the biggest “left-wing” youth organization – has adopted a formal decision not to enter united fronts in which our organization – the RKO LIBERATION – participates because of our “anti-semitic” (i.e. anti-Zionist) position. Other on the left don’t share this reactionary positions but they don’t want to participate in public actions for Palestine and in particular not with Muslim migrants (who currently form the main part of the solidarity movement) because of fear to become isolated from the pro-Zionist forces which are influential at the tops of the labor movement and in the university. Hence the Gaza war is a practical example for the opportunism and the rottenness of the so-called “left”.

A mass demonstration against Israel’s war in Gaza on next Sunday, 20 July, has been announced in which the RKO LIBERATION and RED*REVOLUTION will participate.

Below we summarize again the position of the RKO LIBERATION and RED*REVOLUTION on the Gaza war.

RKO LIBERATION and RED*REVOLUTION stand for an internationalist and socialist perspective in support for the Palestinian liberation struggle. We stand for the victory of the Palestinian resistance and the destruction of the imperialist apartheid state of Israel. We stand for the right of return of all Palestinian refugees. Together with our comrades in Israel / Occupied Palestine, we stand for a free and red Palestine in which all Palestinians and all those Israeli Jews, who accept the abolition of apartheid, could live together peacefully. We support the liberation struggles of the workers and peasants in Syria against the Assad dictatorship and in Egypt against the military regime of General Sisi. We stand for a socialist federation of the Middle East.


Pictures and videos of Michael Pröbsting’s speeches at the rally can be found at on the RKOB website:ästina-13-7-2014

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