Successful rally in solidarity with the miners in South Africa

Report about the rally in Austria from the RKOB

On 8th September the RKOB (Austrian section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency) organized together with several other groups a rally in solidarity with the miners in South Africa. This rally took place in accordance with a national day of action in South Africa itself. About 35 activists assembled at a central market in the biggest working class district in Vienna and informed workers – amongst them many migrants – about the struggle of the South African miners.


A number of speakers from the RKOB and the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION stressed the need for international solidarity and drew the lessons of this important struggle also for the Austrian working class. Speakers from other groups with whom the RKOB co-organized the rally – like the GKK (Austrian section of CoReP), Maoist organizations like the RKJV, RA/AL and KOMAK-ML – also addressed the rally.