Austria: Report from Rally against NATO Attack on Syria

No NATO Attack on Syria! Victory to the Revolution against the Assad Dictatorship!

Report from a Rally on 29.8.2013 in Vienna, organized by the RKOB (Austrian Section of the RCIT)


The RKOB has reacted swiftly against the war threats of US and Western European imperialism against Syria. In 24 hours we have organized a protest rally on Stephansplatz in the centre of Vienna. The rally was a success both because it evoked a visible interest amongst ordinary people on the street as well as because a number of activists not only from the RKOB and its youth organization Red*REVOLUTION but also from other organizations participated.


The RKOB has called this rally on the slogans “Syria: Freedom instead of NATO Bombs!”, “No NATO military strike against Syria!” and “Down with the Assad Dictatorship! For a free Syria!


Many people expressed their sympathy to our politics of opposing NATO military strikes and at the same time supporting the Syrian Revolution against Assad. They discussed with us about our leaflets both during and after the rally. We could also sell a number of our papers as well as the new issues of the RCIT’s English language journal which deal extensively with the dramatic events in Syria and Egypt.


Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, denounced in his speech NATO as an organization to impose the interests of the imperialists. He emphasized the importance of the liberation struggle of the Syrian people and the need to support it.


Leo Gabriel, a journalist who is active in a peace initiative for Syria and a member of the International Council of the World Social Forum, explained that a war would be a terrible setback and that it is necessary to join international solidarity campaigns. Hans Zauner, speaking on behalf of the Gruppe Klassenkampf (Austrian Section of CoReP), expressed his sharp condemnation of an NATO attack against Syria.


Johannes Wiener, spokesperson of the RKOB, emphasized the need to spread an Intifada through the whole of North Arica and the Middle East. He explained that it is important for transport workers to organize actions to blockade military supplies in case of an NATO attack. Such actions could weaken the imperialist troops and sabotage a NATO military strike.


Nina Gunić, spokesperson of the RKOB, stressed the importance of international solidarity. Giving examples of the past – like Bosnia in 1995 or Kosova in 1999 – comrade Gunić showed that NATO attacks always lead to defeats for the oppressed peoples’ resistance. NATO is only interested to bring the Middle East politically and economically under control.


The RKOB is calling for a spontaneous protest rally on the same day when a NATO attack against Syria happens. The rally will take place on this day at 6pm at Stephansplatz in the centre of Vienna. We call other organizations to support this initiative and join the actions.


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Video of the speeches of Nina Gunić, Johannes Wiener and Michael Pröbsting can be view at the same link or at the YouTube Channel of the RKOB at

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