Forward to the socialist revolution in Zimbabwe, the African continent and throughout the entire whole world!

Statement on the Fusion between RCIT and the Socialist League of Zimbabwe

Adopted by the International Secretariat of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) and the Socialist League of Zimbabwe (SLZ), 3 February 2017


After several months of discussion and collaboration, both Socialist League of Zimbabwe and the RCIT have drawn a positive balance sheet of this process. We therefore have concluded that the basis has been achieved to fuse our organizations and that SLZ is to become the Zimbabwean section of the RCIT. The programmatic basis of the fusion is the revolutionary platform on Zimbabwe as well as the RCIT’s Manifesto for Revolutionary Liberation.

Organizing authentic revolutionary forces and building jointly the RCIT in Black Africa is a significant step forward given the importance of this continent for the international class struggle. Since Africa is the fastest growing continent in terms of population in general and the working class in particular, it is crucial for a revolutionary international tendency to build sections in these countries.

The fusion will help the RCIT to enrich its understanding of the class struggle of the African workers and oppressed against the imperialist Great Powers as well as the local ruling class. Likewise, it will help the comrades of the SLZ integrate their understanding of the class struggle in their own country into a broader, global perspective of the struggle against capitalism and imperialism.

Building the RCIT in Zimbabwe and Africa as well as all on other continents is our contribution to building a new World Revolutionary Party. Based on our programmatic documents and the Bolshevik methods of political work and organization building, we are optimistic as we march forward on the road for the liberation of the African and the world working class and oppressed masses!

We are fully aware of the responsibility which rests on the shoulders of each of us as Marxist revolutionaries. Capitalism will not automatically be replaced by socialism. It can only be replaced by a working class insurrection in alliance with the poor peasants and the urban poor under the leadership of a revolutionary party. Such a party must be part of a world party because capitalism exists – and can only exist – as a global system. If we do not succeed in building a revolutionary party in time, petty-bourgeois nationalists and reformists will expropriate the revolution and create their own regime on the back of the popular masses. We saw this with Stalin in the USSR and Mao in China, with the FSLN in Nicaragua, the Ayatollahs in Iran, the ANC in South Africa, as well as in Zimbabwe after the workers and peasants heroically drove out Ian Smith and his racist white settler occupants.

We emphasize the importance of the “Urgent Call for Unity and a Joint Struggle on a Revolutionary Platform” which the RCIT published in early January of this year. In the present period of capitalist crisis, of accelerating rivalry between the imperialist powers, of a reactionary offensive of the ruling class but also of heroic struggles of the workers and oppressed, in such a period it is crucial for revolutionaries around the world to unite on the basis of a principled programmatic platform. Hence, we call authentic revolutionaries in all countries to study the RCIT’s “Urgent Call“ and to join forces with us in the historic liberation struggle of the working class and to build together with us a World Revolutionary Party – an international party determined to fight for the socialist revolution!

Forward to the socialist revolution in Zimbabwe, the African continent and throughout the entire whole world!

Join the RCIT! Forward with the building of the RCIT in Zimbabwe and revolutionary organizations all over Africa!