Platform of the Socialist League of Zimbabwe (Section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency)


Workers of the World Unite! You have nothing to lose but your shackles!


1.                   For the immediate removal of economic sanctions on Zimbabwe! These sanctions imposed by the Western imperialists do not help us to achieve democracy but serve only the colonial interests of the Great Powers!


2.                   The land should belong to those who work on it! Support the expropriation of big as well as foreign land-owners immediately and without compensation and allocate the land to the Zimbabwean peasants. No compensation for evicted white landowners! For free state-loans for the small and middle peasants! Only the unity of workers and the poor peasants against the rich can open the road to the liberation of the masses of the people!


3.                   Nationalize all mines and foreign or big companies immediately – under control of the workers. Kick out all corrupt administrators and managers – only the workers can assure that the economy serves the people and not imperialism!


4.                   For free health and free education! For the creation of jobs and housing for the poor build adequate and decent accommodation for workers as well as schools, hospitals, care homes and similar institutions! For a national public investment and employment plan! We need to give our people a future – this is why everyone who can work should get work. We need to build schools, hospitals, public housing and roads; we need to train nurses, teachers, skilled farmers and engineers! This public program should be financed by massively taxing the rich!


5.                   For equalization of the wage structure of all governmental officials with the wage structure of the broad mass of the working class – those who represent the people should not live a more luxurious live than the people! Down with corruption!


6.                   For democratic rights of all people! Full freedom to organize in unions, free speech and press! Full religious freedom for people of all believes, down with nationalist or ethnic hatred, everyone should have full rights to practice his or her culture! Only solidarity between all peoples can unify us against our common enemies – the bosses, their imperialist great powers and the state bureaucracy!


7.                   For the rights of poor working women! Full equality for women and young people! Down with violence against women! Women are an important part of the struggle for a better future!


8.                   We call on the trade unions, mass organizations of the workers, poor peasants and urban poor to fight for the interest of the broad masses! While we support the unity of action with reformist, populist and centrist forces, at the same time we warn against any illusions in the bureaucratic leaderships! For the formation of a rank and file movement inside the trade unions to organize the ordinary workers independently of the bureaucracy!


9.                   Down with the regime which is preserving the capitalist system which exploits the popular masses! Despite its claims to be anti-imperialist, the government is collaborating with the Great Powers (China, USA, EU, etc.). However the regime must be brought down by the workers and peasants – not the great powers and their local agents! Direct colonial oppression will never come back to our country!


10.               For the working class to take power it is necessary to build a revolutionary party that can organize the oppressed to be able to rule via popular councils. Such councils are formed by mass meetings in the factories, universities, villages and districts. They elect representatives from their own ranks who will not have any privileges and have to be held accountable by their base.


11.               For a government of the workers and poor, based on such popular council and protected by militias of the workers! Forward with the African Revolution! We will liberate our continent from the new colonialism and poverty! For a Socialist Federation of all people in Africa!


12.               Liberate Africa from the yoke of imperialist exploitation! Expropriate all multi-national corporations! Down with the interference by all Great Powers like US, EU and China! No military bases of imperialist powers on the continent! Support the resistance of the people against imperialist crusaders and their local allies (Mali, Somalia, etc.)!


13.               For international solidarity with the struggle of all oppressed worldwide! Solidarity with the South African miners and metal workers, the heroic Palestinian people, the ongoing Syrian revolution, all people who fight against imperialism, the struggle against racism in Europe and the US, the fighting women of India and our brothers and sisters who fight for their future all over Africa!


14.               We believe that the problems facing Zimbabwe and indeed the world such as environmental depredation, the systematic waste of public resources for private and personal profit, persistent unemployment and the unequal distribution of wealth, power and income are a result of the capitalist system. We see socialism as a new social and economic order in which workers and consumers control production for the benefit of all humanity, not for the private profit of the few.


15.               For a global socialist mass movement of the working people and peasants that can truly change the world! We are dedicated to building an authentic revolutionary organization to struggle for the rights of the workers and poor! Support the building of the RCIT! For a revolutionary Fifth International of the world working class (World Party of Socialist Revolution)!




Down with Imperialism, Capitalism and Oppression!


Forward with the African Revolution!


Forward with the workers struggle!


Forward with building a revolutionary party in Zimbabwe and worldwide!