WIVP: We call for the immediate and unconditional release of South African journalist Shiraz Mohamed, currently being held by an unknown armed group in Syria


Note of the Editorial Board: Below we republish an appeal of the comrades of the WIVP in South Africa. Naturally, the RCIT fully supports the call to release Shiraz Mohamed!



1. Shiraz Mohamed is renown telling the stories of the masses as it is, even in conflict zones;


2. He carries with him an exposure of the terrible conditions that the Syrian masses are currently facing;


3. It is in the interest of the Syrian masses that he be immediately set free, unharmed and that he be allowed to tell his story of the conditions in Syria;


4. The family of Shiraz Mohamed are not rich and Shiraz has always aligned himself with the masses whose stories are often not told in the mainstream media;


5. The method of kidnap of journalists, especially those who align themselves with the downtrodden, do not belong within the revolutionary movement;


6. Already the cause of the masses of Syria is being pushed by the mainstream media to the margins of its coverage; the gaining of a fist full of dollars will not remotely compensate for the tarnishing of the revolutionary movement as if we are kidnappers.


7. We urge the revolutionary movements in Syria to urgently, patiently, negotiate the immediate release of Shiraz Mohamed. 






WIVP Workers International Vanguard Party