Military Dictatorship in Egypt: Report (with Photos & Video) on the Solidarity Demonstration on 25.1.2015 in Vienna

Egypt: Down with the Military Dictatorship!

Report (with Photos and Video) on the Solidarity Demonstration on 25.01.2015 in Vienna

By Nina Gunić (Austrian Section of the RCIT), 29.01.2015,


Numerous demonstrations took place in Egypt as well as around the world on the fourth anniversary of the uprising against the Mubarak regime. In Egypt, the repression apparatus attacked mass protests with extreme brutality and killed at least 20 people including the 17-year old girl Sondos Reda Abu Bakr in Alexandria as well as Shaimaa al-Sabbagh, a progressive activist and mother. They are new symbols for the heroic resistance of the Egypt people against the military dictatorship of General Sisi.

Around 600 people from the Egypt migrant community demonstrated in Vienna in solidarity with the resistance. – despite sleet and biting cold The Austrian section of the RCIT supported the demonstration as the only non-Egypt organization.

Several speakers, including Ibrahim Ali – the leader of the Egyptian community – condemned the military dictatorship of General Sisi as well as the collaboration of the imperialist great powers.

Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, addressed the demonstrators as the second speaker after Ibrahim Ali and enjoyed popularity for his message. He said: “The generals, the rulers, the super rich oppress freedom for the Egypt people by any means. They do everything in their power to smash and kill the working people in Egypt. (…) We have seen in the past years that the rulers are waging a war against the working people in Egypt. And not only in Egypt! The rulers are waging war against the Muslim people in many countries. They are waging war against all people who stand for freedom, democracy and social justice. There is also an increasing Muslim-baiting in Austria against our brothers and sisters. The government tries to make Muslims second-class citizens with the new „Islam Law“. We say – and I say as a non-Muslim, as an Austrian and as a communist: Down with the new „Islam Law“! Equal rights for Muslims!“ (See the video of his speech at the link below.)

Our struggle in solidarity with the democratic resistance in Egypt against the military dictatorship is part of our revolutionary strategy. We see this struggle as closely interlinked with the struggle against the imperialist domination as well as the oppression of Muslim migrants in Europe. (*) The liberation of the working class and the oppressed people is only possible if they smash imperialism and capitalism through an international socialist revolution! Long live international solidarity.


(*) See on this RCIT: Perspectives for the Class Struggle in Light of the Deepening Crisis in the Imperialist World Economy and Politics. Theses on Recent Major Developments in the World Situation and Perspectives Ahead (January 2015), Theses 39-74,

See photos and a video of the speech of Michael Pröbsting here: