Austria: Demonstration on the Anniversary of the Raaba Massacre in Egypt!

Report (with Photos and Videos) from the Austrian Section of the RCIT, 14.8.2014,


About 300 people demonstrated on 14 August in the centre in Vienna on the anniversary of the Raaba Massacre in Egypt one year ago. The demonstration was organized by the Egyptian community. The Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (Austrian section of the RCIT) supported the demonstration and participated with a contingent.

A number of videos were shown on the horrifying autocracies of the regime. Among the speakers were Marc Hangler, spokesperson of the youth organization RED*REVOLUTION, as well as Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT.

Marc Hangler emphasized the need for international solidarity with the Egyptian people in their resistance against the reactionary dictatorship of General Sisi.

Michael Pröbsting called for an uprising of the workers and peasants to bring down the regime and to take power in their own hands.


Pictures of the Demonstration as well as videos of the speeches by Marc Hangler and Michael Pröbsting can be viewed here:


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