Solidarity Rally in Austria: Down with the Dictatorship in Egypt!

Report (with Photos and Videos) from the Austrian Section of the RCIT, 3.8.2014,


On 3 August, the Egyptian community staged a rally in Vienna in protest against the ongoing repression by the Egyptian military dictatorship. The Revolutionary Communist Organization LIBERATION (Austrian section of the RCIT) supported the rally and participated with a number of activists. About 100 people joined the rally in the centre of Vienna.

We chanted numerous slogans against the dictatorship. The organizers had prepared many photos which showed the autocracies of the regime. Ibrahim Ali, leader of the Egyptian community, condemned in his speech the support of Western imperialist powers for the regime of General Sisi. He emphasized the ongoing resistance of the people in Egypt in their struggle for freedom.

Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, also addressed the crowd. He stressed the need to combine the struggle against the dictatorship of General Sisi with the struggle against the Zionist state. He expressed the need for international solidarity with the popular resistance both on Egypt as well as in Gaza.

We ran a book stall and many people showed interest in the publications of the Austrian RCIT section. All in all we distributed hundreds of leaflets and sold nearly 50 pamphlets and papers.


Pictures of the Rally as well as a Video of the speech by Michael Pröbsting can be viewed here:


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