Protests in Israel against Murder of Palestinians


Report by Yossi Schwartz, Internationalist Socialist League (Israel/Occupied Palestine), 20.2.2013


Today the Internationalist Socialist League (Israel/Occupied Palestine) participated in a demonstration that demand to stop the prosecution of the Palestinians citizens of Israel who are charged with the execution of the terrorist in act of self defense the extreme right wing racist activist Eden Natan-Zada, who in army uniform murdered in cold blood with an M16, a rifle provided to him by the Israeli army, four Palestinians and injured nine others from Shefa-Amr on August 4, 2005 on a bus occupied by Palestinian civilians.

The four victims were Hazar Turki and Dina Turki, two sisters in their early twenties, and two men, Michel Bahus (the driver) and Nader Hayek; all were Palestinians citizens of Israel.

The Israeli state has declared of course that he was a deserter from the army. However his mother stated after his death that prior to the shooting she alerted the Israeli army and other security services that her son was still in possession of his military-issued weapon. 'We told everyone, that he could do something with his gun. We begged them to take away his gun. He also asked them to take his gun. The army destroyed my child. The army destroyed my life.' According to the New Republic , 'an army Psychiatrist warned that he wasn't fit for weapons or uniform, but his professional judgment was ignored as the approval by a panel of medical experts was not " swift in assessment" (Israel responds to Israeli terrorism, The New Republic, 10 July 2005, Source Wikipedia). He was seen many times in the Tapuah (Appale) settlement, and the army did not bother to arrest him. The former chief of staff of the army 'speculated that the statement of the mother was made to have a chance to win damages in court for neglect by the army of the welfare of her son

Ten months after the attack, Israeli authorities detained seven Arabs suspected of killing Natan-Zada.

In March 2010, a lawyer representing some of the suspects discovered security forces aerial footage of the scene prior to, during and after Natan-Zada's attack and after the killing of Natan-Zada and accused the Israeli government of prior knowledge of Natan-Zada's intentions. (See Khoury, Jack (2009-03-18). "'Government knew of Jewish terrorist's plan to open fire on Shfaram bus'". HaAretz. Retrieved 2009-03-18)

The Prime Minister of Israel at that time the butcher Ariel Sharon who will be remembered for his part in assisting the massacre in the refugee camps Sabara and Shaitla stated the usual cover up: In all these cases that Jewish terrorist murder Arabs: "A reprehensible act by a bloodthirsty Jewish terrorist," and "a deliberate attempt to harm the fabric of relations among all Israeli citizens."

Palestinian Member of Knesset Mohamad Barakeh a member of Hadash – the Israeli front for the Communist Party – stated the clear truth of the matter: "Normally when someone stops a terrorist from continuing to kill he is considered a hero, but in this case it is the heroes who are sitting on the defense stand".

Israel has a long record of not be able for one reason or another to find right wing Zionist terrorists who murder Palestinians. Even in the few cases that they are found and the court sentence them to prisons to many years according to the criminal code of Israel, they are pardoned and released shortly after.

Just to give a few examples:

The Jewish Underground was a racist far right organization made of Zionist settlers from the West Bank and the Golan, occupied by Israel in 1967. They were prominent members of the settler’s political movement Gush Emunim that was financed by the Israeli state.

In 1980, the terrorist underground carried out a series of car bomb attacks against Palestinian officials. As a result of these attacks, Basam Shakra, the mayor of Nablus lost both of his legs and Karim Khalaf the mayor of Rammalah lost one of his legs. On hearing the news, co-founder of Gush Emunim, rabbi Durkaman exclaimed, citing the Song of Debora of the Bible “Thus may all Israel's enemies perish!"

The police and the Secret Service for some reasons were "unable" to find them.

In 1983, three of its members entered the Islamic College of Hebron, spraying bullets and tossing a hand grenade. They murdered three students and wounded thirty-three.

On 27 April 1984, they put explosives in Arab buses traveling in the vicinity of Jerusalem. There was a danger that if they explode, not only Arabs but Jews could be killed as well. This time the police arrived on time, prevented the explosion and arrested 15 of them. A week later security forces raided the settlement of Kiryat Arba, and found a cache of weapons and explosives linked to the explosive plus the plan to bomb. More arrests were followed.

On 27 April 1984, the Shien Biet agents arrested 15 people with ties to Gush Emunim. The suspects were taken into custody immediately after placing bombs under six Arab-owned buses in Jerusalem. The arrests followed an extensive two year investigation led by the head of the Serious Crimes Division and employing ninety policemen. The bombs were set to detonate on Friday afternoon as Muslim worshipers returned home from celebrating Isra and Miraj.

Twenty-five of the arrested Gush Emunim members were tried on charges of plot to destroy the Dome of the Rock, the 1983 attack on the Islamic College, the attempted assassination of West Bank mayors, the aborted bus attacks and a few other incidents. Three of the murderers, Menachem Livni, Shaul Nir and Uzi Sharbav, were sentenced to life in prison

Their sentences commuted three times by then President Chaim Herzog and they were released after serving less than seven years. On their 1990 release the three were hailed as "heroes" by leaders of the Gush Emunim movement.

Lately Israel paid according to Ma'an news service the settler Menachem Livni 1.3 million shekels' for damage to West Bank land.

TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an) Israel has given a settler convicted of anti-Palestinian attacks over 1.3 million shekels in compensation for damages to Palestinian land in the West Bank, Israeli media reported Wednesday…

Livni lives in the Kiryat Arba settlement in Hebron, and farms land in the West Bank village of Bani Naim. He does not have any legal ownership of the land that simply was stolen by force,

Local Palestinians have attacked the land, and Livni has been awarded around 1,327,123 shekels ($360,600) in damages by the Israeli Tax Authority, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.Israeli soldiers protect Livni when he works on the Palestinian land, Haaretz said.

He is now suing Israel for failing to investigate his complaints to police, and seeking further payment, the report said.”(Published in TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma'an)Wednesday 13/02/2013)

Yisrael Lederman, an army trained reservist, shot and killed a Palestinian civilian in East Jerusalem. He was released after serving only two years of his twenty-year prison sentence.

The founders of the Israeli state committed 30-40 massacres in 1947-8 in order to force the Palestinians to flee from Palestine. However the massacres of Palestinians did not stop in 1948.

In the Palestinian village of Kfar Qusim on October 29, 1956: A massacre of 49 Palestinians was carried out by the Israeli Border Police, including 6 women and 23 children aged 8–17.

The head of the Border police Shadmi ordered his troops to impose a curfew in the late afternoon when many of the people were working and in school. The commander of the regiment asked him but what will happen and he replied in Arabic:"God will have mercy on them".

The border policemen who were involved in the shooting were brought to trial and found guilty and sentenced to prison terms. The Israeli court found that the command to kill civilians was “blatantly illegal”. Two officers were sentenced to 17 and 15 years imprisonment, later reduced to 5 years, and served a short term. Shadmi got a fine of ten Agurot (25 cents).

On March 30, in response to the government of Israel that announced a plan to expropriate thousands of dunams of Palestinian land for "security and settlement purposes", a general strike of the Palestinian citizens of Israel and marches were organized in Arab towns. The army and the police opened fire and killed six Palestinians citizens of Israel, one hundred were wounded, and hundreds of others arrested. Since then every year the Palestinians and the few Jewish supporters commemorate Land Day, in Arabic: يوم الأرض, on March 30.

At the beginning of October 2000 13 Palestinians citizens of Israel were killed and hundreds injured in Israel by alive ammunition shot by the Israeli police. The Palestinians protested in solidarity with the Second Intifada.

In the demonstration today about two hundred people participated, all of them from Shafa Amar and Hiafa. No Arab Member of Parliament showed up. Our leaflet was read and people took it home to show others. In the leaflet we called for mass mobilization to end the trial and charge the police as the real culprits.