Austria: Successful Rally against the Saudi War of Aggression on Yemen

Report (with Photos and Videos) from a Rally in Solidarity with the Resistance of the Yemeni People on 17.04.2015, Austrian Section of the RCIT,


The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) calls upon all socialists and progressives to hold international solidarity actions in support of the heroic resistance of the people of Yemen against the vicious alliance of kings and dictators, led by the Saudi regime, which has been bombing their country in the service of US-Imperialism since 25 March. The RCIT has previously published a statement in support of the Yemeni resistance against the Saudi war of aggression and a report from our RCIT comrades in Yemen. (1)

In addition, on 17 April we organized a rally in front of the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Vienna to directly address the al-Saud Gang of Aggressors.

Despite strong rain, the rally had an animated and militant mood. Slogans were chanted in German, English, and Arabic. Leading representatives of the RCIT, Michael Pröbsting, Johannes Wiener, and Almedina Gunić, addressed the rally in speeches given in English and German. All speakers called for the support of the Yemeni popular resistance against the war and for the defeat of the dictators. In addition to the speakers from the RCIT, a militant Egyptian woman, Saadie Abdelaty, spoke in Arabic against the dictatorships in several countries of North Africa and for solidarity not only with the brothers and sisters in Yemen, but also in Iraq, Libya, and other countries. We know sister Saadie Abdelaty well and have collaborated with her and the Egyptian community of Vienna in numerous actions during the last few years against the dictator al-Sisi as well as against the Apartheid state of Israel, and on many other occasions including the International Women’s Day events for 2014.

The RCIT organized this rally because what is currently taking place in Yemen is a central issue in the ongoing struggle between forces of revolution and counter-revolution in the Arab world. In addition, we wanted to demonstrate support for and solidarity with our comrades in Yemen who are living and working under the most difficult conditions. Finally, this action had much symbolic value, because we succeeded in mobilizing activists from both Shia and Sunni backgrounds. This illustrated both the importance and possibility of not being divided along sectarian lines, but rather of working together fraternally against the dictators and their cruel wars. This vital importance of not becoming divided as workers and oppressed, but rather to fight together against the dictators was also emphasized by Saadie Abdelaty in her speech.

Although the weather was against us on the day of the rally, the event itself sent an important political message and was very successful.

Support the work of the RCIT! Join us in building a revolutionary world party of the workers and oppressed!



(1) Defend Yemen against the Al-Saud Gang of Aggressors! No to Sectarian Divisions and Civil War! For a Workers’ and Popular Government! Joint Statement of the International Secretariat of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) and the RCIT Yemen, 3.4.2015,

Yemen Under Attack, Report by Mohammed Al Wazeer, Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, Yemen, 15.4.2015,


See photos below and video clips of the rally’s speeches: