South Africa: We condemn the use of the SANDF against #feesmustfall protestors

Statement of the Workers International Vanguard Party, 14.10.2016,




We can confirm that a SANDF helicopter has been deployed at UFS since Wed 12th Oct. This has been acknowledged by the official spokesperson for UFS, Lasha Loader, who claimed that the police had called on them to assist. The presence of the SANDF helicopter has been independently confirmed by staff as well as students. 


We condemn the deployment of the SANDF as an abuse of power by the political rulers of the country.


We cannot recall the SANDF being deployed against Anglo American and other monopolies who are known to have plundered most of the wealth from SA and the rest of Africa, without paying the required tax. UNCTAD reported in July this year that $113bn of the gold (ie almost all of it) since 2000, left the country unreported and thus untaxed. Here are the funds for free education for all as well as all other basic needs. Yet the arm of the state protects this. Even further, SANDF is deployed in DRC and other places across the continent at a rate of R50 000 per month per soldier, to protect business assets and plundering by these same monopolies and the ruling political class. 


We call for the immediate removal of the SANDF from UFS and any other university where the head of armed forces may wish to deploy them. We call on off duty soldiers to march with the students and workers against the Chamber of Mines as well as to join up with the feesmustfall protests at the organs of political power.