South Africa: The traitors in their own words

On the South African “Communist” Party who call the police to arrest the miners leaders

By Michael Pröbsting, Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 17.8.2012


News was announced today about police massacre on the South African miners at the Lonmin multinational corporation, the world's third-largest platinum producer. They are on strike demanding higher wages. According to the latest new about 50(!) miners seem to have been killed today by the murder in police uniforms.

Shortly ago today, we have published a call of the Workers International Vanguard Party (South Africa) for protests against the police massacre on the miners. (Solidarity with the Miners in South Africa! 17.8.2012, They – and the RCIT in its preface – sharply condemned the South African Communist Party (SACP) for their political responsibility of the police massacre since they are part of the South African ANC government. They also lead the National Union of Miners (which is part of the trade union federation Cosatu) which opposes the strike.

After we published our calls we have received a press statement of the SACP’s regional branch where the massacre took place. This press statement – which we reprint below in full so that everybody can see for him- or herself – is even more scandalous. Here, The traitors speak in their own words. Instead of condemning the police for its mass murder … it attacks the leaders of the protesting miners! Not content with this, the SACP leaders begin their statement with an appeal to the bourgeois state to arrest the miners’ leaders! “Arrest Mathunjwa and Steve Kholekile as the basis for stability in the Rustenburg mines and institute Presidential Investigation Task Team, says SACP North West.” If it has a criticism on the capitalist state apparatus, it is that they allowed the miners to form a new trade union and to assembly!

This is Stalinist reformism in true colors! Of course, at their party congresses, at international meetings etc. the SACP raise the banner of communism. But these are only words for the reassurance of the honest party members and masses. Their practice is anti-communist, anti-working class. The SACP leaders are not workers communists, but police communists! They condemn the militant miners, but not the murderous police. They in fact side with the butchers and call them to go further and arrest the miners’ leaders. They hate when the workers fight independent and militantly.

The SACP leaders are like those believers, who go to the church on Sunday or to the Mosque on Friday, praise God … and sin against all religious commandments for the other six days in the week.

Surely, there are still many honest workers and communists who are members of the SACP. But now is the time to confront their bureaucratic leaders and condemn their betrayal!

This treacherous practice of the Stalinist party is an important lesson for the international workers movement. Don’t believe in the proclamations of these parties! Abstract declarations in favor of Communism have no meaning. What counts is where they stand concretely in the class struggle. At the mines in South Africa they are in bed with the capitalists and the police murder! In Syria they are in bed with the bloody Assad dictatorship which slaughters the insurgent masses! Once more, the world working class can see that Stalinism is a deadly enemy! Shame on those who support the killing of the workers on strike in the name of “Communism”!

Finally let us not forget who are the friends of these SACP police communists: As it is known the SACP is a regular participant of the so-called “International Meetings of Communist and Workers' Parties” which was initiated by the Greek KKE and takes place every one or two years since 1998. It also attended the last one, 13th, meeting in Athens on December 9-11, 2011. Another regular participant is the Chinese Communist Party, another butcher party which successfully transformed the country into a capitalist power by super-exploiting the working class. At these meetings, the numerous Communist Parties declare their allegiance to the interest of the working class, communism and many other beautiful words. Will these other communist parties continue to declare their solidarity with the SACP police communists who have blood on their hands?


* * * *


SACP North West Media Statement

17 August 2012,


Arrest Mathunjwa and Steve Kholekile as the basis for stability in the Rustenburg mines and institute Presidential Investigation Task Team, says SACP North West.

The SACP NW joins all South Africans in mourning and passing our deep condolences to all Mineworkers killed in the platinum mines in Rustenburg as the result of anarchic, violent, intimidation, murder of workers and NUM shopstewards. The chaos has been initiated under the guise of salary increase demands when in real terms it is the chaos and anarchy we see is being used as the entry point of recruitment for AMCWU. As the SACP we want to state categorically that it should have not been allowed until when death rises for law enforcement agencies and the nation’s leadership to take serious this barbaric act co-ordinated and deliberately organized by AMCWU leader Mr. Mathunjwa and Steve Kholekile who both are former NUM members expelled because of anarchy though at different times.

Before proceeding to get into the detail of this tragedy, we call on an immediate arrest of both Steve Kholekile and Mr Mathunjwa as co-ordinators, planners and leaders of this anarchic and worker to worker violence that has left many lives dead and some injured, and this applies to where they started and not only the current Lonmin process. Mr Mathunjwa could present an innocent face and try to smooth talk himself out of the crisis but we know him for who he is. He should not be allowed to perpetrate violence and appear as an innocent mediator.

We therefore call for a special Presidential Commission to investigate but not limited to: violent nature and anarchy associated with AMCWU wherever it establishes itself (starting with the scars that it has left around Witbank/Mpumalanga where it started), possible breach of both the Labour Relations Act and the SA Constitution on the freedom of association and right to form or join a union of your choice, the role of management of both Impala and Lonmin in the current problems or as facilitating the breach of both the Labour Relations Act and the Constitution, the role of the department of Labour and CCMA, possibilities of amendments to strengthen the LRA on the formation of unions as opposed to the current situation where individuals are allowed to form union like opening personal accounts or joining insurance policies as the current case with AMCWU and Mathunjwa, and the comrades who when they were supposed to be disciplined by Satawu they then formed their own union.

The SACP NW calls on workers to remain united in their fight against the exploitation under the capitalist system. Workers must realize that the class enemy is the system and not a union of NUM’s caliber or other workers. Workers must desist any temptation to mobilise them against NUM or to mobilise them to attack each other. Workers must not kill each other on the basis of demagogy and lies. Employers count loses on production and mineworkers and the working class count loses on injuries on human lives.

Issued on behalf of the SACP North West.

Madoda Sambatha

SACP NW Provincial Secretary - 082 800 5336