Successful protest rally at the South African embassy in solidarity with the miners

Information Release of the RKOB (Austrian section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, RCIT), 21.8.2012, and


Yesterday twenty activists demonstrated in front of the South African embassy in Vienna (Austria) in solidarity with the miners’ strike. The rally was organized over the weekend, after news of the massacre spread, by the Revolutionary Communist Organization for Liberation (Austrian section of the RCIT).

Activists from the RKOB did hold placards with the slogans “Stop the massacre in South Africa! Solidarity with the miners!” and “Down with the ANC/SACP/Lonmin government!” (in German and English language)

Nina Gunić, spokesperson of the RCIT, said in her speech: “This is a struggle of the miners and their families to live in decent conditions. It deserves the full solidarity of the international workers movement! The Austrian trade unions most support the miners!

Johannes Wiener, spokesperson of the RKOB, emphasized: “The mass murder of the miners by the police shows the true nature of the capitalist state. They kill 34 miners in 3 minutes because the demand higher wages. What are the police prepared to do when the workers will take over the enterprises?! Only by forming armed militias can the workers defend themselves against the killer in uniform.

Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, pointed out: “It is a huge scandal that the bureaucratic leaderships both of the trade union federation Cosatu and the South African Communist Party not only condemned the miners’ strike but even called the police to act against the miners and for the arrest of the strike leaders!

The organizers also read out a solidarity message which was sent the South African Workers International Vanguard Party with whom the RCIT is working together in this campaign.

The rally was also joined by members from the GKK (CoReP), the Maoist IARKP and independent activists.

The rally was reported by a number of bourgeois media. Several bourgeois daily newspapers and online media brought short reports about our rally and referred to the role of the RKOB and the RCIT. Links to several of these are:


Photos from the rally can be viewed on the RCIT website at