Victory! The Charge against RKOB Spokesperson and Palestine Solidarity Activist Johannes Wiener has been dropped!

Austria: Israelite Cultus Community suffers defeat in its attack on Free Speech and Palestine Solidarity

Statement of the RKOB, Austrian section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, (RCIT), 10.1.2013,


The public prosecution department of Vienna informed us on 8th January that the charge against 20-year old RKOB spokesman and Palestine solidarity activist Johannes Wiener has been dropped. As we reported, comrade Wiener has been charged of “sedition” because of his pro-Palestinian speech at a Gaza demonstration on 16.11.2012 in Austria. (1) In case of conviction by court, our comrade Johannes Wiener would have been threatened with up to two years in jail.

The end of this charge against Johannes Wiener is a big success. It is a success not only for the RKOB but for the whole Palestine solidarity movement. The pro-Israeli war mongers wanted to use our comrade as a warning. They wanted to criminalize anything that can be interpreted as an open partisanship for the Palestinian resistance. As we reported, the Israelite Cultus Community sees "sedition" in the following statements of Johannes Wiener in his speech at the Palestine Solidarity rally on 16.11.2012:

* The repeated chanting of the slogan "INTIFADA" as well as the expression of support for the Intifada of the Palestinian people.

* The expression of support for the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli state, both in its unarmed and its armed form.

* The call for the destruction ("extinction") of the State of Israel and for the existence of a single state in all of Palestine from the River to the Sea.

As the RKOB already said in its statements, this charge was a fundamental attack on the basic democratic rights of free speech! This attack was part of the imperialist and Zionist persecution of anti-imperialist resistance. The friends of Apartheid-Israel and US imperialism wage war not only in Palestine, Afghanistan and other countries. They also wage a global political campaign against the anti-imperialist resistance. The denouncement of resistance organizations as “terrorist organizations” – like the Palestinian PFLP, Hamas, the Kurdish PKK, DHKC in Turkey, the Tamil LTTE etc. – by the European Union and the US is part of an international class struggle from above, in the interest of monopoly capital. It is the same with the persecution of the US soldier Bradley Manning because of his supposed leaking of secret information’s on the US imperialist wars to Wikileaks. And now, the wanted to continue this reactionary crusade against Johannes Wiener and the RKOB in Austria.

The solidarity with the anti-imperialist resistance is part of the international class struggle from below, of which the RKOB and the RCIT are part of.

The fact that we have major political differences with the organizations mentioned above and that we consider them as petty-bourgeois-nationalist, Islamist or Stalinist does not alter the fact that they are part of national liberation movements and that we are in solidarity with them against the repression. For us as revolutionary communists, the anti-imperialist struggle is part of the socialist liberation struggle of the working class and the oppressed. (2)

The reactionary war mongers have suffered a defeat for now – also thanks to the broad solidarity campaign. All in all, organizations and activists from more than 20 countries (including Israel) have expressed their solidarity with Johannes Wiener. (3) We want to express many thanks to all of them! The success of the Austrian and international solidarity campaign for Johannes Wiener is a success for the whole anti-imperialist resistance.

However, it would be wrong to imagine it is all over now. The fact that the Israelite Cultus Community and other friends of Israel dared to wage such an attack against free speech shows, what this people are prepared to do in their fanatical support for state terrorism. After suffering a defeat in their first attempt, they will certainly wage more attempts to intimidate and to silence the Palestine solidarity movement. In Palestine and other countries, the ruling class of Israel has shown that it uses all possible means to eliminate their enemies.

That‘s why the solidarity campaign for Johannes Wiener was important. We had a success for now. We are now stronger to face the next attacks of the Israelite Cultus Community which acts as a foreign arm of Apartheid-Israel. We fight since years and decades against imperialism and capitalism and will not be intimidated by such pathetic attempts to criminalize us. The class struggle continues!


Long live international solidarity! Long live the Palestinian liberation struggle!

Forward in the struggle for socialism!

Unity – Struggle – Victory!



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