South African Socialists discuss the need for an independent Class Struggle Trade Union

Introduction by the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 4.12.2013, to a document of the Revolutionary Marxist Group (South Africa)


Below we publish a document of the Revolutionary Marxist Group (South Africa) called “Open Letter to NUMSA CEC on the Attack on Cosatu and the current situation”. It deals with an important debate which is going on inside the South African workers movement: How can COSATU – South Africa’s main trade union federation – defend the workers interests if the trade union bureaucracy participates since many years in a bloc with the capitalist ANC government? It is a well-known fact that the ANC – with the support of the Stalinist Communist Party of South Africa (SACP) – is governing the country’s capitalist system since 1994. ANC and SACP betrayed the heroic revolutionary mass struggle of the 1980s and made a rotten deal with South Africa’s monopoly capital which opened the door to a “democratic” counter-revolution. (1)

Since then the COSATU union bureaucracy has been part of the so-called “Triple Alliance” with the ANC and the SACP. But the deterioration of the living conditions for the working class and poor have resulted in an outburst of militant strikes – most prominently the heroic Marikana strike in August 2012 – and several splits from COSATU and the ANC. Most important amongst them are the massive growth of miners union AMCU at the cost of the COSATU-affiliated NUM, the formation of the Workers and Socialist Party (with the support of many miners’ strike committees) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EEF), a split from the ANC led by Julius Malema. There can be no doubt that South Africa has entered a pre-revolutionary phase since the Marikana strike. (2)

Currently important forces inside NUMSA – the metal workers union which is now the biggest single union inside COSATU – oppose the union’s subordination towards the ANC and advocate a militant class struggle policy. It is this context in which the RMG published its “Open Letter”.

We do not hide that we have important differences with the RMG. Most importantly we totally reject it’s support for the reactionary position of Socialist Fight and its Liaison Committee for the Fourth International (SF/LCFI) which sided with the bourgeois Gaddafi dictatorship against the popular uprising in 2011. (3)

However, irrespective of these differences, we publish the RMG’s document in order to open a debate with South African socialists about the perspectives for revolutionaries in the current period. We look forward to contributions from South African socialists.



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