Stop African Migrants' Slavery in Libya!


Protest Rally in Vienna (Austria) on 25th November 2017


Report (with Pictures and Videos) by the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 01.12.2017,




African migrants are auctioned as slaves in Libya on a regular base. The imperialist-backed government in Libya pretends to be surprised by the desperate situation of the migrants from Black Africa who are raped, tortured and even sold as slaves by businessmen. Libyan authorities recently started some “investigations” on the slavery markets.


However, it is obvious that the Libyan regime as well as the imperialist institutions like the United Nations knew very well about the slavery markets and tolerated them for the interest of business. The recent “investigations” started because of protests which took place in the past weeks, including a massive protest in Paris on 18th November.


Exactly one week later, on the 25th November, a protest rally took place in Vienna as well. Activists of the Austrian section of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) participated and hold speeches in front of the Libyan embassy.


The RCIT demands the immediate abolishment of the slavery markets in Libya. Massive reparation payments must be given to the former slaves who were sold at these markets. All businessmen who run the slavery markets must be put on trial and sentenced by a jury elected by the labour movement and the African migrants.


We demand full and equal rights for all African migrants in Libya and worldwide. We say:


* Full citizenship rights and abolition of all special laws for all migrants – regardless of nationality, race, religion or nationality! Equal pay for equal work!


* The right to stay and immediate legalisation of all illegal migrants and asylum seekers! Right of asylum for those fleeing war, oppression and poverty in their countries! Open borders for all!


We stated in our founding program a number of revolutionary demands for the liberation of Black people, which are important for each and every country where Black people are oppressed and exploited, including Libya. (RCIT: The Revolutionary Communist manifesto, These demands are:


* An end to the widespread practice of the bourgeois state, to condemn black people and migrants en masse to long prison terms. Roll up of all court cases, in which black people and migrants were convicted, before democratically elected trial by jury, of which at least half of it are members from the national/racial minority of the accused!


* For the formation of armed self-defence units of black people and its support by the entire workers' movement!


* Local self-government of areas with a high proportion of black people! Special consideration to the wishes of the black people in defining the borders of self-governing regions! Financial support by the state!


* For the right of caucus for black people in the unions and the organisations of the workers' movement!


The RCIT fights for a revolutionary movement of black people as part of the 5th Workers International!


Join us in this fight!




Videos from the speeches by Marek Hangler and Rahime Berisha (RKOB, Austrian section of the RCIT) at the rally in Vienna: