Kenya: Stop the Repression against Students!

For mass protests on the streets in defense of democratic rights!


Joint Statement of the Pan African Movement – Kenyan Chapter, the Economic Liberation Association (Zambia) and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 04.10.2017




The reactionary and pro-imperialist regime of President Uhuru Kenyatta is trying to hold power by any means necessary. After a series of protests and clashes of students with special police, it closed the University of Nairobi, Kenya’s largest and oldest university, on 3 October. As a result the government is forcing 84,000 students to leave.


The background of this recent escalation is the accelerating repression of Kenyatta’s government against its opponents before the re-run of the presidential election. The Supreme Court enforced such a repetition of this election, initially hold on 8 August, because it was severely rigged by the government.


One of the governments’ prime targets in this campaign is Babu Owino, a Member of Parliament and supporter of the main opposition force National Super Alliance led by Raila Odinga – Kenyatta’s opponent at the presidential election. Owino is a young agitator, a former student leader and highly popular amongst the youth. He has provoked the hatred of the state apparatus by fierce speeches against the regime, including famously calling Kenyatta a “mtoto wa mbwa” (son of a dog) who will be removed by the people like other African dictators such as Gbagbo of Ivory Coast and Gaddafi of Libya. As a result he has been repeatedly arrested by the regime. When the university students came out in defense of Owino, the government decided to close the university.


We denounce the regime of Uhuru Kenyatta who belongs to one of the richest families in Africa and has a long record of collaboration with the imperialist great powers. The President is a darling both of the Western imperialist powers as well as of Chinese imperialism. He slavishly implements the austerity program dictated by the International Monetary Fund. Likewise the government sent troops to participate in the AMISOM mission which is responsible for the pro-imperialist military occupation of Somalia.


Naturally, socialists and anti-imperialists have no illusions in Odinga’s National Super Alliance which is a bourgeois force. Its program can be characterized as liberal and social democratic. A government led by Odinga would continue to administer the imperialist super-exploitation and capitalist oppression of the popular masses of Kenya.


We demand an immediate end to the repression against the university students! We protest against the arrest of oppositional figures like Babu Owino! We support mass protests on the streets in defense of democratic rights.


The only solution for Kenya’s and Africa’s burden of exploitation and oppression is the expulsion of all great powers, the expropriation of the big corporations and the super-rich elite as well as the abolition of capitalism.


Long live a free and socialist Kenya! Long live the United Socialist States of Africa!




Pan African Movement – Kenyan Chapter


Economic Liberation Association (Zambia),


Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, México, Venezuela, Israel/Occupied Palestine, Yemen, Tunisia, Turkey, Aotearoa / New Zealand, Germany, Britain and Austria),