Austria: Rally in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution

Report from the Austrian Section of the RCIT, 16.3.2016,




About 250 Syrian Refugees and Muslim migrants participated in a rally on Sunday, 13 March, in the central square of Vienna to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the start of the Syrian Revolution. The event was organized by the Syrian community living in Austria which invited the Austrian section of the RCIT to participate and address the rally.


In his speech, Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, expressed the full solidarity of our international tendency with the liberation struggle of the Syrian people against the brutal dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad. Comrade Pröbsting denounced the imperialist aggression of Russia, the US and European powers, and called for a free Syria in which all religious groups will be able to live together in peace and in which the toilers, and not a few generals and the super-rich, hold power.


Pröbsting’s speech reflected a short summary of the joint statement which the RCIT had previously issued together with the Mexican ALS (Socialist Struggle Group).


Other speakers at the rally were a leading Syrian activist, a representative of the Arab minority living in Iran, as well as a representative of the Chechen Resistance.


Comrades of the RCIT participated in the rally with a banner which read “Solidarity with the Liberation Struggle of the Oppressed – LIBERATION” (in German, English, Turkish and Arabic). Despite the language difficulties, our comrades also sold a number of papers published by the RCIT to the Syrian refugees.


The entire rally was broadcasted live by a journalist from Al-Jazeera. This video of this broadcast has already been viewed by more than 152,000 people. The Al-Jazeera journalist also translated comrade Pröbsting’s speech into Arabic for the viewers. The speech, which starts at 17:46 minutes into the video and lasts until 23:30, can be viewed at


View photos and the video clip of Michael Pröbsting’s speech at the rally:




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