Platform of the Arab/English-language Bulletin THAWRA

Down with the Assad Tyranny! Victory to the Syrian Revolution!




* Smash the Assad tyranny! Victory to the Syrian Revolution! Continue the Support for the popular struggle against the dictatorship!


* We strongly condemn the Astana Deal as a maneuver of Assad, Russia, Iran and Turkey, with the support of the US, against the Syrian Revolution.


* The Astana Deal, if implemented, is aimed at partitioning Syria country and liquidating the revolution. It would hand over control of the liberated areas ("de-escalation zones") to the reactionary regimes of Putin, Khamenei and Erdoğan. As Russian and Iranian forces have supported the Assad regime in its massacre of the Syrian people for years, handing control over the liberated areas to them is equivalent to handing them over to Damascus, i.e., annulling many of the gains of the revolutionary struggle since its beginning. Furthermore, the deal justifies the continuation of the barbaric war of Assad, as well as that of the Great Powers – both inside and outside the so-called "de-escalation zones" – against forces which are legitimate part of the Syrian Revolution, but which are considered "terrorists" by these imperialist state terrorists and their lackeys.


* We oppose all infighting between Syrian revolutionary factions. Such internecine bloodletting is tremendously destructive to the struggle for liberation and only assists Assad and his backers in liquidating the Syrian Revolution.


* We call upon all factions of the Syrian Revolution to condemn the Astana Deal and to immediately end their participation in the ongoing negotiations in the capital of Kazakhstan.


* We unequivocally call for the continuation of the Syrian Revolution against the tyrannical regime of Bashar al-Assad.


* We oppose all military aggression and intervention in Syria on the part of all foreign powers, whether great (Russia, the US and EU) or regional (Iran, Hezbollah, and Turkey).


* Down with all dictatorships and reactionary regimes in the Middle East! Solidarity with the popular resistance fighting for freedom!


* Down with the counter-revolutionary Daesh!


* Open the Boarders for the Syrian Refugees! Down with racism and Islamophobia in Europe!


* No to any discrimination because of gender, nation, religion, age etc.!


* We call for the creation of an international popular movement in support of the Syrian Revolution.