The Addicted Warmonger in the White House

US President Trump would not certify the Iran nuclear deal against the backdrop of domestic political crisis and accelerating rivalry in the Middle East


By Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 16.10.2017,




In a militaristic speech on 13 October, US President Donald Trump announced his refusal to certify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal to Congress. This deal which basically led to the end of sanctions against Iran in exchange for Teheran not building a nuclear bomb, was signed by Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama as well as by China, France, Russia, Britain, Germany and the European Union.


The US President threatened to terminate the deal if Congress and US allies fail to amend the agreement in significant ways. (1) He claimed that Iran was not living up to the spirit of the accord, despite the UN nuclear watchdog repeatedly confirming that the country was complying with its obligations. His decision does not immediately pull the US out of the deal but pushes action to the Republican-controlled US Congress. Legislators now have a non-binding 60-day period to decide whether to re-impose economic sanctions on Tehran which were lifted under the pact.


The President said he wanted Congress to toughen US policy towards Iran, but added that if "we are not able to reach a solution ... then the agreement will be terminated". (2)




Condemnation by many and support by very few




Trump’s decision was nearly unanimously denounced not only by domestic opponents but also by the main imperialist rivals of the US – Russia, China and the European Union. It also met criticism from the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as well as Yukiya Amano, chief of the UN atomic watchdog. (3)


German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel warned that Trump’s move could lead to nuclear armament of Iran which “Israel would not tolerate” and “then we will be back where we were 10, 12 years ago with the danger of war relatively close to Europe”. (4) Berlin tries now to create an alliance against Trump’s policy on Iran. (5)


The White House’s decision also united the different factions of Iran’s ruling class in unanimously condemning the US President’s militaristic turn. (6) In the longer run, it is however likely that Trump’s move will weaken the position of the so-called “moderate” President Rouhani and strengthen the so-called “hardliners” around former President Ahmadinejad and the “Revolutionary Guards”. (7)


Trump’s new threats against Iran have met with approval only by arch-reactionary regimes in the region – Israel and Saudi Arabia. (8) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the move and repeated his long-time sermon: “We cannot allow this rogue regime 30 times the size of North Korea’s economy to have a nuclear arsenal.” (9) Israel Katz, the country’s intelligence minister, said to Israel’s Channel 2 TV, when asked whether he saw a risk of war after Trump’s speech: “Absolutely, yes. I think that the speech was very significant. (...) Iran is the new North Korea. We see where things are goings.” (10)


While it is not clear at the moment what the US Congress will decide in the coming 60 days, it is obvious that this move will accelerate regional and global tensions. It will not only lead to a deterioration of relations between Iran and the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia. It will also worsen the tensions between Washington and Moscow and Beijing. Likewise it will also become a major issue between the US and the EU.




Domestic political crisis and decline of global hegemony




The background for Trump’s foreign-policy shift has to be located in the domestic crisis of US politics as well as in the continuing decline of Washington’s global hegemony.


The fragility of the Trump Administration has not been minimized, despite numerous personal changes in recent months like the resignation of the alt-right ideologist Steve Bannon and the ascent of the various ex-Generals (like Mattis, McMaster and Kelly) into the inner circle of the President. At this point, we can not dwell into a closer analysis of the present state of the political situation of the US. (11) However, it is sufficient to state that the Trump Administration remains a, highly fragile and divided, government with the support of only a minority faction of the ruling class as well as a segment of the most reactionary sectors of the middle class while being increasingly hated and despised by the majority of the bourgeoisie as well as the popular classes. In fact, the signs are increasing that a significant sector of the US ruling class is considering measures to force Trump into (voluntary or involuntary) early resignation.


To this, one needs to add the continuation of Washington’s decline of its hegemonic role in global politics and the parallel rise of new imperialist powers – China as well as Russia. The new global relations of power have become visible in the course of various regional crises like Syria, Korea, the Chinese Sea and the Ukraine. (12)




Warmongering as a way for Trump’s political survival




In this situation, the Trump Administration sees only one way out: the rapid escalation of an utter chauvinist and militarist agenda – domestically (against migrants and “terrorist threats”) as well as globally. Such a policy, which the Italians called “strategia della tensione” (“strategy of tensions”) is designed to deflect public attention from the fragility, inner division and outright ignorance of the most incompetent government the country ever had in modern history. This is why Trump is, and can only be, an addicted warmonger.


Trump’ policy, motivated by a desperate desire for political survival, meets the strategic necessity for US imperialism to resist its decline as a global hegemonic power. Iran is a well-chosen subject for such an aggressive imperialist policy. It plays an important role in the Syrian civil war as a key ally of Assad and its main backer Russia. Likewise, it is a crucial country for the success of the Belt and Road Initiative, the strategic economic international project of Chinese imperialism.


Trump can hope to hit the US’s imperialist rivals by attacking Iran. Furthermore, beating the war drums against Teheran meets wholeheartedly approval of Teheran’s regional arch-enemies – Israel and Saudi Arabia – which are also amongst Washington’s most loyal allies. These countries will support every move of Washington which promises to weaken the Persian rival.


The result is an insane US foreign policy, often formulated in bizarre accusations, which threatens other countries like North Korea, Iran or Venezuela with military intervention and even “annihilation”. (13)


As a side note, we remark that such rivalry does not stop regional and imperialist powers to make business deals and to cooperate on geopolitical issues. For example the US imperialists support the reactionary Astana deal to end the Syrian Revolution despite the fact that it is run under the patronage of its Russian rival. (14) Likewise, the Israeli government has looked for closer collaboration with Moscow in recent years. And Saudi King Salman recently visited Putin in order to expand their business deals in the oil sector as well as to jointly advance the counterrevolutionary political order in the Middle East, i.e. the complete liquidation of the Arab Revolution. (15)


In short, the regional and global powers are inevitable enmeshed in conflicts and rivalry but they have also a joint interest in smashing all democratic and social uprising of the workers and oppressed.




What is the position of the communists?




To avoid any misunderstanding: our denunciation of Trump’s aggressive foreign policy against Iran (or any other country) is not motivated by any political sympathy with the regime in Teheran. Quite the opposite, the RCIT has always sharply opposed this reactionary capitalist regime and called for its overthrow by a revolutionary uprising of the working class and the oppressed in Iran. (16) We did, and continue to do so, engage in solidarity campaigns with the Syrian Revolution for which the Iranian regime is one of the key enemies. Likewise, we support the national liberation struggle of the Arab minority in Iran which faces appalling persecution by the regime. (17)


But neither do we forget that if the Teheran regime is a disgusting criminal which deserves no mercy by the working class and the oppressed, Washington represents the god-father which is chiefly responsible for the imperialist world order which makes the workers and oppressed around the world suffer for so long.


Hence, as communists we will continue to support the Syrian Revolution as well as the struggle of the workers and oppressed people in Iran against the Teheran regime. But against US imperialism and Israel, the RCIT will also continue to defend Iran, even when it is led by such criminals like Rouhani and Khamenei.






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