Syria: The Russian-Sponsored Conference in Sochi – Another Charade!

Boycott the fake “negotiations” in Sochi, Astana and Geneva! Continue the liberation struggle against the butcher Assad, against Russian and US Imperialism and the local Allies!


Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency, 04.11.2017,




1.             The seventh round of the so-called Syrian “peace talks”, held on 30-31 October in Astana (Kazakhstan), ended without any meaningful agreements in practical terms. However, in its final joint statement, the “mediating” parties — Russia, Iran and Turkey — called to hold an “all-Syrian National Dialogue Congress”. This conference has been brought up by Russian President Putin and will take place on 18 November at the Russian southern resort city of Sochi. According to a list published by the Russian Foreign Ministry, 33 organizations from Syria have been invited. Among them are various parties affiliated to the Assad regime, the Kurdish PYD/YPG as well as various forces of the Syrian opposition. The latter groups include several “puppet” opposition groups as well as others who are already – directly or indirectly – part of the Astana negotiations.


2.             At the moment there exist some conflicts between the Astana participants. Such, the Erdoğan regime protests against the presence of the Kurdish PYD/YPG. Likewise, some mainstream petty-bourgeois opposition forces (the Turkey-based Syrian National Coalition, the High Negotiations Committee, and the FSAs General Staff) protest against the character of the Sochi conference and threaten to boycott it.


3.             The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) denounces the Sochi conference as another charade. As a continuation of the reactionary Astana process, it can bring no positive results for the liberation struggle of the Syrian people. It is an initiative of imperialist Russia, in alliance with the Assad regime as well as the regimes of Iran and Turkey. As the RCIT has pointed out in several statements, these forces – with the tacit support of US imperialism – are working hard to impose a “solution” on Syria which would mean the end of the revolutionary struggle, the consolidation of the terrorist dictatorship in Damascus and the division of the country into different spheres of influence (e.g. the US and their Kurdish allies in the North-East, Turkey in the North-West and the rest goes to Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers).


4.             While we share the outrage of various Syrian opposition forces about the Sochi conference, we warn against any illusions in the “steadfastness” of the leaderships of the SNC, HNC or FSA. They don’t oppose Sochi from a principled point of view as they only call for a stronger role of other imperialist institutions like the US or the UN in the negotiations. It is quiet likely, that they will give in again – as they did in the past. Until now, these forces have permanently adapted to the imperialist-imposed pacification process which aims for the liquidation of the Syrian Revolution. This has become obvious for everyone through their treacherous participation in the Astana talks. As we have reported, one important aspect of the Astana deal is the liquidation of all those forces (so-called “extremists”) which oppose appeasement with the regime and which want to continue the liberation struggle against the Assad regime and its imperialist backers. Shamefully, the SNC and FSA act as lackeys for the Erdoğan regime and support its recently started invasion of the biggest liberated Syrian enclave in the north. The goal of this invasion is to smash the dominating forces in this region (in particular the petty-bourgeois nationalist-Islamist Hayyat Tharir al-Sham) which have rejected the Astana process as a capitulation and denounced those “mainstream” forces participating in it as treacherous. Likewise, these forces participate in the systematic assassination campaign of the Turkish secret service against HTS leaders which is has been taken place in Idlib since some months.


5.             The RCIT calls all forces who continue to support the liberation struggle against the Assad regime and its imperialist backers to boycott the charade conferences in Sochi, Astana and Geneva. There can be no solution under the bayonets of the Great Powers. We say: Down with any “solution” imposed by the imperialist Great Powers Russia and US, by Iran and Turkey and the Assad regime! Continue the liberation struggle against the butcher Assad, against Russian and US Imperialism and the local Allies!


6.             The way forward is not submission and capitulation to the Great Powers and their regional allies. The only way forward for the Syrian Revolution is to create popular councils and militias, under the control of the workers and poor peasants, which will fight for a workers’ and peasant republic. We repeat our call for an international workers’ and popular solidarity movement in support of the Syrian Revolution. Furthermore, we urge all authentic supporters of the liberation struggle to unite and found a revolutionary party in Syria and a global revolutionary international based on a program of permanent revolution.


7.             Surely, revolutionaries have to develop their tactics on the basis of the given relation of forces as it is and not as it should be. In the present situation, it is crucial to defend those forces which refuse to capitulate to the pressure of the imperialist powers and their regional allies to lay down their arms and to liquidate the heroic Syrian Revolution. The international workers’ movement and all progressive and democratic forces must also rally to support the Syrian Revolution. They must defend the anti-capitulationist liberation forces which continue the struggle against the Assad regime as well as the Great Powers and their allies.




* Down with the Charades in Sochi, Astana and Geneva! Boycott these fake “negotiations”!


* Down with any “solution” imposed by the imperialist Great Powers Russia and US, by Iran and Turkey and the Assad regime!


* Support the Syrian Revolution!


* Defend Idlib against the Great Powers and their allies!


* For a multinational, independent workers’ and peasants republic in Syria – free of sectarianism, foreign occupation and dictatorship!


* For international mass mobilizations and strikes of workers, migrants and youth to stop the imperialist aggression of Russia and the US against the peoples of the Middle East!




International Secretariat of the RCIT




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