Togo: Down with the Gnassingbé Dictatorship!

Solidarity with the mass protests! No illusions in the official opposition party of Tikpi Atchadam! All power to the workers and poor peasants!


Joint Statement of the Economic Liberation Association (Zambia), Socialist League of Zimbabwe (Section of the RCIT) and the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 22.08.2017




The mass upheaval in Togo against President Faure Gnassingbé is a sign that the days of his dictatorship are numbered!


Last weekend, hundreds of thousands of people marched for an end of the rule of the Gnassingbé dynasty which has been in power in the West African nation for 50 years! In Sokode, 338 km north of the capital, police opened fire on protesters with live ammunition and killed seven of them. However, the demonstrators retaliated, attacked the security forces and took seven hostages.


For decades the Gnassingbé regime has helped imperialist corporations exploit the country's valuable phosphate deposits (Togo is the world's fourth-largest producer of phosphates) as well as its agricultural products (e.g., coffee, cocoa beans, peanuts).


Togo is also a member of regional pro-imperialist political institutions like the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) of which Gnassingbé is currently the chairman. ECOWAS serves the imperialist powers not only as an economic institution but also by providing troops for imperialist interventions (e.g., in Mali in 2013 against the uprising in the North).


The Gnassingbé regime is part of the numerous dictatorships and pseudo-democracies which are ruling the peoples of Africa in the service of the imperialist Great Powers and their monopolies (like France, US, and China). It is via such regimes that the imperialist bourgeoisie are able to economically suck dry the African workers and poor peasants under the cover of political (pseudo-)independence.


We send revolutionary greetings to the popular masses in Togo who are rising up for democracy and freedom!


We warn against the political games of the opposition leader Tikpi Atchadam and his "Pan African National Party." ("Anti-African Anti-People's Party" would be a more appropriate name!) Atchadam is trying to limit the protests to calling for a reinstatement of the 1992 constitution – i.e., the constitution when Gnassingbé the father was in power. But today’s task is not simply a limited constitutional reform but the overthrow of the Gnassingbé dictatorship!


We fully support the struggle of Togo's workers, poor and youth for democracy and social justice. Historic experience has demonstrated that freedom and equality can only be secured if the workers, poor peasants and youth combine the toppling of the reactionary regime with the expulsion of the imperialist monopolies and the Great Powers and the expropriation of the ruling capitalist class. Only thus will they be able to create their own government which can open the road towards socialism.


Such a revolution could play a crucial role in inspiring the liberation struggle of the black workers and poor throughout Africa as well as beyond!


A new wind of revolution of the workers, youths, peasants, and oppressed masses is on the rise, and we would like to caution that the Togolese people must be careful not to let opportunists hijack the revolution and hand back the peoples victory to the capitalists.


There is need to give the Togolese revolution a programmatic political formation, with a revolutionary leadership, program of action and structure. Hence, the construction of a revolutionary party which is leading the Togolese workers and poor peasants is of crucial importance for the future of the liberation struggle!


* Solidarity with the Togolese masses!


* Down with the neo-colonial regimes of Gnassigbe!


* For a workers' and poor peasants' government!


* Long Live the Revolution! Aluta Continua!




Economic Liberation Association (Zambia),


Socialist League of Zimbabwe (Section of the RCIT),


Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, México, Venezuela, Israel/Occupied Palestine, Yemen, Tunisia, Turkey, Aotearoa / New Zealand, Germany, Britain and Austria),




* * * * *




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