Turkey: Immediately Release All Arrested HDP Leaders!

Freedom for all political prisoners! National self-determination for Kurdistan! Down with Erdoğan’s police state!


Statement of Sınıf Savaşı (Section of the RCIT in Turkey), 06.11.2016, http://sinif-savasi.blogspot.com




During the night between the 3rd and 4th of November, the Turkish state arrested 11 Members of Parliament from the Halkların Demokratik Partisi (HDP, Peoples’ Democratic Party) – including its chairman, Selahattin Demirtaş, and chairwoman, Figen Yüksekdağ – for the absurd charges of “terrorism.” The HDP has been a target for Erodğan’s police state because of its close ties with the Kurdish masses and with the most progressive and radical layers of the working class in general. In May this year, the immunity of nearly all HDP-MPs was lifted by the Turkish parliament.


Sınıf Savaşı (the section of the RCIT in Turkey) strongly condemns these arrests as yet another attack by the Turkish state against democratic rights, against political freedom, and against the rights of the Kurdish people. More generally, this is part of the overall attack against political enemies of Erodğan’s dictatorial police state.


We in Sınıf Savaşı consider the HDP to be a left-reformist, petty-bourgeois party. However, even this pale shadow of a consistent, authentically revolutionary party is perceived by the Erodğan regime to be a sufficient threat to undermine basic democratic rights. Although we politically criticize the HDP for its non-consistent political struggle, we defend every member and sympathizer of the HDP against real terrorism – that of the Turkish state!


How ironic it is that the Turkish state, which is occupying the north of Syria and Iraq to undermine the liberation struggle of the Kurdish people; which offers its military bases to imperialism to bomb the masses in Iraq and Syria; which has killed and tortured hundreds of Kurdish and revolutionary activists in the last years; and which recently renewed diplomatic relations with the terrorist state of Israel; that such a state accuses the HDP of “terrorism.”


The PKK, which has loose ties to the HDP, is considered as a “terrorist organization” by the Turkish state and western imperialism. We unconditionally defend the petty-bourgeois-nationalist PKK against such charges which are a product of its national liberation struggle for the Kurdish people. However, we also state unequivocally that we disagree with the strategy of the PKK and its guerrilla tactics and individual bomb-attacks. What is needed is a mass-struggle of the workers and poor in the cities and workplaces!


As revolutionaries we also know that the biggest terrorist organization in the region – which is responsible for the murder of millions of people – is the imperialist alliance NATO. As a matter of fact, Turkey has been a member of this terrorist alliance since 1952, i.e., nearly since the formation of this alliance. We in Sınıf Savaşı demand the immediate exit of Turkey from NATO and the expulsion of all NATO forces from our country.


Erodğan is facing huge difficulties in “pacifying” Turkey – this is why he needs to jail his political opponents. It is a sign of his objective weakness, not his strength. It is important that we prepare for great battles in Turkey. Given the instability of the political situation, the work of revolutionaries in organizing workers and oppressed today can pay dividends in the near future!


Sınıf Savaşı stands side by side with the masses of the Kurdish people in their liberation struggle. It is important that revolutionaries engage in a united front with the HDP and try to win over its rank and file to a consistent revolutionary struggle.


Our central task is to organize the workers in a multi-national revolutionary party to combat every injustice that is inflicted upon us by the state and its ruling class. What is necessary now is mass-protest and solidarity-strikes against the undermining of democratic rights of the Kurdish people.


Only Revolution can liberate us!