Syria: No to Trump's Missiles Strike!


Drive all Great Powers out of Syria! Victory to the Syrian Revolution!


Statement by the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 7 April 2017,




1.                   Last night, the US President Donald Trump ordered 59 Tomahawk missiles to be fired against the Shayrat airfield in Homs province which is under the control of the Assad forces. According to reports, up to 7 Syrian soldiers and civilians have been killed, 20 war planes were destroyed and the air field was damaged.


2.                   This is an evident foreign policy maneuver by an administration which is desperately trying to distract attention from its highly unstable and increasingly discredited political situation. This attack is an attempt to signal to the world that "the US is doing something" in face of the barbarous chemical weapons attack by Assad on 4 April. The symbolic character of this attack is further demonstrated by the fact that the White House informed Russia (and hence Assad) of the attack in advance. According to an official statement by Pentagon Spokesman Captain Jeff Davis, “Russian forces were notified in advance of the strike using the established deconfliction line. U.S. military planners took precautions to minimize risk to Russian or Syrian personnel located at the airfield.


3.                   Furthermore, leading figures in the Pentagon have already made clear that this attack is not the beginning of a military offensive by the US but rather a one-off event. The US is rapping Assad over the knuckles to get his agreement for a settlement of the Syrian civil war in the interest of the great powers.


4.                   More importantly, leading representatives of the US Administration have made clear that it will not change its strategy in Syria. This strategy is characterized by a desire to liquidate the Syrian Revolution and to destroy all forces who oppose a settlement of the civil war in the interest of the Great Powers.


5.                   The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) unconditionally opposes the US air strike as we oppose the hundreds of Russian air strikes which have already killed thousands of people. The Syrian Revolution has nothing to gain if a big mass murderer is symbolically "punishing" the mass murderer of a small country.


6.                   Likewise, the RCIT reject the demand for a UN no-flight zone. This would only put the air control of Syria in the hands of the imperialist Great Powers. However, these powers have proven in the past that they are hostile to the Syrian Revolution!


7.                   Any great power interference in Syria – be it by Russia or the US – must be condemned as it can only do harm to the Syrian people. No one has forgotten that Russia itself claimed in December 2016 to have launched 71,000 airstrikes which were supposed to have eliminated 35,000 “terrorists” (in fact mostly civilians and rebels; Likewise, US General Nagata announced on 5 April 2017 that the US-led coalition killed “probably close to 70,000” people in Iraq and Syria ( Putting the fate of the Syrian people in the hands of these imperialist mass murderers can only have disastrous consequences for the Syrian people! We therefore condemn the support given to the US attack by the Syrian National Coalition and FSA leadership.


8.                   We can expect various hysterical statements by the pro-Assadist "left" condemning the US air strike. Socialists and honest democrats will have only contempt for these Stalinists and Castro-Chavistas who are social-imperialist supporters of Russia and China! These people have not raised a single protest when Russia was killing tens of thousands of people in Syria. Neither do they express opposition when US imperialism kills 70.000 people in Syria and Iraq. However, they are outraged if the US bomb one of Assad’s air field. These people are not anti-imperialists but supporters of the reactionary Assad dictatorship as well as of imperialist Russia under the cloak of "anti-imperialism"!


9.                   The RCIT has stated in numerous documents that we are living in a period of historic crisis of capitalism in which the rivalry between the imperialist Great Powers – US, EU, Japan, Russia and China – inevitable accelerates. Therefore, one cannot exclude the possibility that this inter-imperialist rivalry could push the Great Powers – against their current intentions – into a qualitatively more serious conflict over Syria. Theoretically this could lead to a situation where both sides in the Syrian civil war become proxies for one of the imperialist camps. However, such a theoretical possibility does not correspond to the reality of the Syrian Revolution today. Revolutionaries deduce their tactics from the concrete reality of the present class struggle and not from theoretical possibilities of the future.


10.               We repeat that the only way forward for the Syrian Revolution is to create popular councils and militias which are under the control of the workers and poor peasants and to fight for a workers and peasant republic. We call for an international movement of the working class in solidarity with the Syrian Revolution. While the RCIT sharply opposes US attacks, we highlight the hypocrisy of US rhetoric of human rights when they refuse any support for the Syrian liberation struggle by the refusal to  send weapons to the Syrian rebels so that they can defend themselves against Assad's murderous air force and modern tanks.


* Stop the US and Russia's intervention in Syria! Drive all Great Powers out of Syria!


* Down with the Assad regime! Victory to the Syrian Revolution!


* The international worker’s movement must support the liberation struggle of the Syrian people!




International Secretariat of the RCIT